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Gemstone Guide for Green Onyx Gemstone

Color appeals to our feelings directly. It makes us happy and cheerful, lights us up or calms us down, and has a magical or liberating effect. And where is a color more lastingly and more beautifully captured than in a gemstone? In the fascinating world of semi- precious stones, Green Onyx glow in the fieriest green imaginable. It is naturally found in the rocks. This cool stone is known to take away worry, stress, tension, and fear from the life of the wearer.

Basically, Green Onyx is worn by people whose ascendant is Gemini & Virgo. The onyx gemstone symbolizes planet Mercury. It deals with brain, memory, intelligence department of the body. For those who aspire to enhance their communicative skills and public addressing capability, this gemstone is an effective remedy for them.

There are various chakras of life those make up our body and wearing green onyx can be beneficial to maintain those chakras for you. It provides strength during a tough time of life. The onyx gemstone is green in color and has multiple cuts those shimmer the look of the gemstone. Ensure that you do not take a chemically treated onyx gemstone as it would be less effective compared to the natural one.

It is also a substitute of precious gemstone Emerald.

One should get the onyx gemstone energized before wearing and also consult the expert astrologer. Since there are specific days for each gemstone; you should begin wearing Onyx gemstone on Wednesday in the little finger of your right hand embedded in silver.

The gemstone is usually advised to be worn in order to stabilize the hustle and bustle in life. Naturally made Onyx is most effective in treating weak Mercury. This gemstone is also a remedy for various health issues like physical and emotional problems. Issues like abdomen, skin disease, a problem related to eyes can be treated with semi- precious green onyx gemstone.

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