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Buy Citrine Gemstone

Citrine gemstone is a popular Uparatna and an affordable substitute for Yellow Sapphire. Citrine is the semi precious gemstone representing planet Jupiter that is our spiritual teacher. It is amongst the affordable gemstone, thanks to its durability and abundant availability.

Grades Price Range Per Carat Available in Stock
Regular USD 11  | INR 650 Buy Now
Super Fine USD 17  | INR 1050 Buy Now
Astrological Benefits Keys Feature
Happiness & bliss Lab certified
General wellbeing 100% Natural
Inspires wisdom & creativity Secure Payment
Financial strength Energized Gemstone
For childbirth issues & pregnancy Insured Shipping
Career growth Worldwide Shipping

Product Description

Dispatch Time Within 8 to 10 Business Days
Gemstone Citrine
Composition Natural
Size 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 carats
Shape Oval
Origin India

Why one should wear it?

This gemstone represents vivacity, happiness and bliss. It is a great protective talisman for those who wish to dive headfirst in the world of creativity and artistry. It helps promote general well-being and spiritual knowledge of an individual. This divine Upratna helps you connect with his/her inner-spirit. In addition, it inspires creativity, and wisdom into your personality.

Some Additional Features

Management skills, strategic planning and financial strength are all impacted in a good way by wearing this gemstone. Furthermore, it triggers career growth for professionals by making them come in contact with intellectual and prominent personalities. In addition, it is helpful for Mars affliction & remedy for pregnancy and childbirth issues.

The price of Citrine Gemstone is primarily determined by its cut and carat. Cyber Astro offers a wide variety of astrological Citrine Gemstone in attractive price range.

Physical Healing Benefits

On the physical level, this gemstone helps cure digestive problems. It plays a vital role in curing dreadful diseases such as diabetes, constipation and blood circulation and thyroid.