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Virgo Zodiac Sign Horoscope Prediction 2017

cyberastro You are a careful person and do not like to be pushed into taking hasty decisions. While you are orderly and have a strong sense of right and wrong, it also creates a critical bent of mind. You hate any kind of disorder and do not appreciate people who are not perfect in their mannerism. You can pack in more rest and relaxation in your agenda since you always go by a plan and look down upon random activities. You are slow to demonstrate your emotions but you do expect your life partner to know your true feelings.

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2017 Yearly Horoscope Prediction for Virgo

Welcome to prediction for Virgo for the year 2017 based on the midnight horoscope on 1st January,2017.

The Midnight Chart: (position of planets in signs and houses)

Sun is located in your 4th house, Sagittarius. Moon is located in your 5th house, Capricorn. Mercury is located in your 4th house, Sagittarius. Mars is located in your 6th house, Aquarius. Jupiter is located in your 1st house or in your zodiac sign. Venus is located in your 6th house , Aquarius. Saturn is located in your 3rd house, Scorpio. Rahu is Located in your 12th house, Leo. Ketu is located in your 6th house, Aquarius.

Review of 2016:

Last year I had predicted that by middle of the year from august onwards, Jupiter will enter your Zodiac sign, Virgo and will be highly supportive for you, and you will be very proactive as well as very productive in every aspect of your life. There would also be strong foreign connections in your life. Overall, it would have been a year of great planning and planned success for you.

An overview of the year 2017:

Virgo is the negative sign of Mercury, mutable with earth element. The intestine of the Cosmic person , a virgin is the symbol of Virgo. As sign no 6 , it shows the need for balancing energy between body and mind. Virgo people are torn between two opposite trends in your nature. One is pure and untainted like a virgin; the other is cunning and self-serving like the worldly wise. It depends entirely on you ,as to which of these you choose to follow mainly during this year. Being an earth sign, the material world has more hold on you than the spiritual world; ideas and ideals have no use for you unless they can be translated to reality.

Jupiter being located in your sign, you will have very clear goal to pursue wealth during this year. You will achieve great professional success during this year. Saturn being located in 3rd house, you will be able to make disciplined and determined efforts to achieve your goal. Mars in 6th house , the house of disease and obstacles will help you to fight all disease and obstacles that you may face and eventually you will overcome all such disease and obstacles. Overall, this will be a very successful year for you.

Important changes in your life will happen at the age of 21, 31, 41 and 50.

2017 With Respect To Different Aspects in Your Life

Virgo Health Horoscope Prediction 2017

You will generally enjoy good health and will rarely feel; even when you do recover quickly and easily. But you may tend to suffer from a fetish about illness. Due to this, you will tend to take unnecessary medicines to cure imagined or future ailments and hence harm yourself. Due to your physiology you are prone to harmful effects of the toxins in medicine and they do not leave your system easily. You should be careful of disease of the urinary tract, and injury from weapons. You may suffer from neuralgia and indigestion.

You are a child of nature, and it is nature that is most beneficial for you so be in touch with open and pure space, fresh air etc, sea beach. You must eat light and simple food. You also need peace and cleanliness for good health. Avoid caffeine in all kinds of beverages, like tea, coffee and nicotine and alcohol. Overall as I have said, you will enjoy good health during this year, but you must be careful during the months of February, March and December.

Virgo Profession Horoscope Prediction 2017

You have the power to shape your own fate, because you have to build it up with hard work. Opportunities will not come your way, instead you have to create them with untiring effort and perseverance. You need domestic peace for your progress. Adverse conditions will hamper your ability to work to your full potential. The kind of fortune you have in the last phase of your life will depend on the deeds and success you achieve during the middle age.

You are resourceful, quick witted, hardworking, and persevering and have the ability to adapt yourself to any situation. This makes you suitable for business, but you will be more successful as an agent or a representative of someone else’s business venture rather than having your own. You are also capable of dealing with work related to artistic and literary field. The second half of the year from June onwards till November will be most favourable for your professional success , name and fame.

Virgo Finance Horoscope Prediction 2017

Financial security must be there in your life. Without that you can neither survive nor progress in your life. But you are not miserly and accumulation of wealth for just the sake of accumulation is not the primary goal in your life. Jupiter being located in your zodiac sign this year, you are not likely to have any kind of financial worries during this year. Financial inflow as per your need will be more or less uniform for you for the whole year.

Virgo Romance & Married life Horoscope Prediction 2017

Ideally you should marry someone who is born in one of the zodiac signs- Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, and is quite a bit younger to you. If you are a woman you should marry a man whose birth month is not opposed to your birth sign and with whom you do not have much difference in age.

You are not a very romantic or an emotional person. However for married couple this will be a year of great stability and happiness in marital life. For love and romance the second half of the year will be most favourable for Virgo people.

Your New year resolution for 2017 :

“ In today’s chaotic world , I must seek peace and harmony and order in my immediate surroundings. This is the best way I can serve and help the people around me.”

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