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Virgo Zodiac Sign Horoscope Prediction 2017

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25th June 2017 till 1st July 2017

Weekly Horoscope Prediction for Virgo

Opportunities will knock loudly at the door, do not ignore the call!


You will be full of assurance and energy all the week long. You will find the constant pressure of your rivals is starting to strengthen your confidence a bit. Tough situations at work will give you the opportunity to grow in the field you are currently working in. It will make future career prospects too. In the face of adversity your presence of mind and self-confidence will enable you to prove your mettle. You will benefit highly if you make use of your communication skills and ability to handle high-pressure situations. Business people may get overseas partnership proposals.


This week in the world of finance you should try to revive some old business or personal contacts says Virgo weekly horoscope. They might be able to offer you better money-making options. This will go a long way in helping infuse life in your business. A legal judgment may be found in your favor and you may receive a large amount of money or property. Pharmaceutical companies may open new branches in various cities. Self-indulgence will remain your priority and you will not spare any effort or expense to spoil yourself. Keep a check on your finances from time to time.

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This week is really going to be challenging on the romantic front. Remain calm in your relationship as you are slightly prone to flying off the handle for no reason says Virgo weekly horoscope. Make sure you are being sensitive to your partner's needs. You will find this week you are looking at your single co-workers in a whole new light, as you start realizing there may be someone in the office that catches your eye. Don't be too shy, but don't cross any work boundaries either. Avoid people who seem exciting in the beginning but don't treat you well.


As you have been suffering from some stomach disorders lately, improving your eating habits this week would allow you to make progress towards your fitness goals and you would also feel significantly better. This is a time to focus on good health and exercise. Utilize this period to your benefit. This week will give you enough time to take out some helpful guides from the library and get some tips from the experts to get a perfect toned body. Any changes that you go for will bring great results. Be careful with your diet.