Scorpio Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2019

22nd April, 2019 - 28th April, 2019
A good week for Gemini! Growth and happiness foreseen!

Weekly Career Prediction

This week will be a little unusual and exciting at the same time for your professional life. Businessmen will prosper very well in your business. However, read the deal well before signing it. Employed one will have to perform in the midst of challenges and high work pressure. This will bring out your skills. It will be a great idea to explore your working opportunities, this week as it brings an auspicious time for your professional life. It is a great time for people who are planning to change their jobs, predicts Scorpio weekly horoscope. This week can bring all your pending tasks to their final destinations and let you relax for a time being now.

Weekly Finance Prediction

This week will be fine on the financial front of your life. You cannot avoid the recurring expenses for the week. However, it will be good for you to curb your spending practices, says Scorpio weekly horoscope. If you want to keep sure that you keep a balance between your earnings and expenses, try some speculative deals this week. Financial accrual will enliven your mood this week. New avenues of earning will boost up your existing revenues. You will remain in a healthy financial position. If you are planning to invest, get ready to earn a little more than expected.

Weekly Romance Prediction

Love will find its way to happiness and this week, for sure. Those who are already in a relationship and the singles will find this week to be really fascinating for their romantic life. You will enjoy these days and will be able to develop better understanding with your partner by way of pleasing and soft ways of communication, says Scorpio weekly horoscope. If you are single, you will think of re-kindling the past relationship with an old time friend of opposite sex here. You will take the first step and get in touch with your past crush. This week brings some extra time for your family members too.

Weekly Health Prediction

You will be seen in a motivated spirit, this week and this will ensure a good health for you, says Scorpio weekly horoscope. You can make the week favorable to secure prosperous results by means of your sincere efforts for your physical well being. You will witness progress in your career by way of self-development. You will sail in good health. You can attribute this to your good mood combined with the strict exercise regime that you have been into.