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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2019

18th February, 2019 - 24th Feburary2019
You need to enhance your financial prospects

Weekly Career Prediction

Your ability to plan and implement an action quickly is likely to bring positive good results in even unexpected areas at work, this week, says your weekly predictions. But it would be better if you take some calculated risks. Don`t be afraid to try new things in the workplace as your risks are likely to pay off. It may be that your boss has been waiting for you to show the company what you are really capable of. If you are going to start your business, it would be better to contact your old colleagues first, who knows you might strike a good deal, predicts your Scorpio weekly horoscope.

Weekly Finance Prediction

If you are running some business, then you are likely to succeed in achieving your targets, this week, says Scorpio weekly prediction. You should enhance your financial prospects by joining a new course in a related field. Expanding your skill set now will set you up for better financial prospects in the future, predicts your Scorpio weekly horoscope. You may need to make a huge financial investment at this point in time in furthering your career, but you can rest assured that you financial gains will improve over the long haul because of it. If you have had plans of getting a vehicle, this is the best time to grab exciting deals for it!

Weekly Romance Prediction

This week brings a really peaceful time for your romantic life. Your partner and you connect perfectly at this time; this is the happiest you have been in a long time. Therefore, if you have been planning to make a proposal to your partner recently, this week brings the perfect time to go ahead and pop the question. Chances are good that your proposal will be accepted, says your weekly romance predictions. Take that chance, and you will find out that you are glad you did! If you are married, you can come to hear good news soon, predicts your weekly Scorpio horoscope.

Weekly Health Prediction

It is important for you to take care of your food habits this week, says Scorpio weekly prediction. There are the high chances that you may get affected with digestion related problems and so you are advised to keep yourself away from oily food. You will feel highly energetic and fit and will have a great physique only if you put up a good routine, says your weekly health horoscope. This will be possible due to your inner courage. Kids should play in safe space and take proper care of their physical fitness. Eat healthy and fresh foods.