Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2019

24th June, 2019 - 30th June, 2019
Appreciation and rewards will keep you happy this week!

Weekly Career Prediction

This week brings a really good time for your professional life. You will find that even small amounts of hard work are able to produce positive results. Your work quality will be appreciated by your superiors. You will be quick and decisive in your approach while carrying out your work. You will be very systematic and will do your work with enthusiasm. If you are working as a public employee, high appreciation is foreseen, predicts Sagittarius weekly horoscope. There may be some distractions at home for the students. If you have guests at home, go to a friend’s place to study.

Weekly Finance Prediction

This week will bring a great time for your financial life. You will have new prospects of earning and that too, the most productive ones. Your scope to increase your savings will be high and this will be due to the extra money you earned this week, says Sagittarius weekly horoscope. There will be plenty of money left with you. If you are working a s a business man, this time will be really rewarding for you. The long awaited deal will get cracked and you will make good money out of it. Get ready to celebrate; there will be plenty reasons for it.

Weekly Romance Prediction

The better time for your romantic life starts and you will be happy to see this happiness between you and your partner. This week will be satisfying for everyone whether you are single or a committed partner, things will seem to be prosperous for you. The couples who have been married for a year now might start planning for a kid. This seems to be a very good time for those who are planning to conceive too. If you are single and waiting for someone special in your life, you might have to wait a little more, predicts Sagittarius weekly horoscope.

Weekly Health Prediction

This week will be satisfying on the health front and you will find this time to be really high on energy. You have to be careful with your meals and not let anything harm it at all. The ones who have recently recovered from a major health issue should be really careful with their meals and meditation, says Sagittarius weekly horoscope. If you are planning to travel, be safe and careful while driving. Minor injuries are indicated.