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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Horoscope Prediction 2017

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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Sagittarius - May 2017

It is time to get all the ducks in a row to achieve your goals!


Your friendly nature might work on social front but professional front expects you to be vigilant and extremely professional. The month of May expects you to be cautious of how you work and perform. The good part is that you would be backed by your colleagues and seniors whenever you need their help. If your work profile or business requires good contacts and connections, fortunately, you would be able to grab a few useful ones to expand profitability. For those whose are purely into business, you are likely to crack a few deals but they would not match to the rigorous efforts you put in. Do not get disheartened with that as you would surely be blessed with a fruitful time in the near future. Luckily, you would not get to face any risk throughout this month. For those who are planning to change their job this might not be a good time to do so, hold that decision for some more time till the time is ripe.


Finance is an essential part of life and to your surprise, it would be in good position for you says Sagittarius monthly horoscope. There would be good flow of income at your end and expense would be in control. You would hold your spending nature for this and it would surely do well for you. You would burn the midnight oil to pay off your old dues or loan. This effort would be appreciated which is not usually your behavior. In the middle of the month, you might spend more than required on your lifestyle so, ensure that you do not overdo. Some good investment options can be foreseen later in the month, make sure you study the deal properly then go ahead cautiously to invest. If possible consult some experienced person in your family.


Love is one thing you do not compromise with. You carry your heart on your sleeve and this makes you or the more loveable amongst people. For couples and lovers, this month would be an excellent time to romance and spend time to make memories. Some of you who might come across your ex a conversation can be triggered again. It is likely that you might get back with each other. This can be the beginning of a relationship that clears all your misconception. Single or already in relationship people can get into a new relationship. If you had been eagerly waiting for an affair then this is indeed an awesome time for you.


Do not let anything affect your physical or mental health. Your body is the machine that drives you to achieve your goal. So take utmost care of what you eat. Avoid food with high carbs that can increase bad cholesterol in your body. If possible exercise at home or go for early morning brisk walking to stay active and fit.