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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Sagittarius - December 2016

Enjoy your Professional Life, can go for romantic proposal!


Professional success and growth in career is in your hands, this time. You have been trying to convince your boss through your ideas, but all were getting in vain till date. It’s time to highlight your effort and hardwork paid in work assignments. Stiff resistance may sometimes obstruct your path but all these are just temporary. Don’t get discouraged for minor failure, if encountered on your way to success. Business dealings and formal communication must be given a halt for while because professional circle was the prime hindrance. Accept forbidden challenges and come out as a true winner. Timely actions and concentrated willpower may bring you desired fame in office.


Money is not everything but something very precious commodity in our life. Society is mainly divided into haves and have-nots and you don’t want to deprive yourself of luxurious of life. Good flow of income is foreseen but need to pay attention to extra source of income as likely opportunity might be really lucrative for you. Indulge in part time or freelancing work to add extra amount of income to your bank balance. An expense in relation to auspicious events is likely as marriage season is going on. Productive business transactions are main part of your concern, these days, so just focus on that. Invest in property if something lucrative else be cautious on new investments. This is time to pay your old dues, nothing new.


For lovers, an auspicious time till first half of the month. Want to impress your beloved with chocolate and gifts, but have been waiting till now. Don’t fret, go ahead. Sags are known for their loving nature, sensitivity and attractive personality. Being a party dude, you need not to get things done at a right pace, but it will happen automatically. Individualistic and practical in approach, learn to little fantasize about almost anything that can make your work go rolling with beloved. Want to place everything right can be true in true love. Unconventional and uneasy times occur this month for you, so avoid any sort of misunderstanding with your spouse or partner.


In rush to get things done on time, you forget to realize that your mind and body need relaxation too. Rest and make yourself feel comfortable with whatever you eat and dress up nicely. Stars forecast you to be worry free with regards to your health, this month as no illness are predicted. Make sure you eat well and on time. Either jog in the morning or join a gym to feel fit and rejuvenate for the next work assignment. Eat healthy and you will enjoy your life to the fullest with a fitness regime.