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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Sagittarius - October 2016

Have patience, things will turn better with time!


This month will be really admirable on the professional front. You may enjoy some time with your colleagues from the office. Use this time to get to know them better as this will ease any tension at the workplace and lead your colleagues to give you their co operation. Your work and actions will be supervised by your seniors, so be attentive. The decision you make regarding better performance of your juniors will be highly appreciated. Those looking for a job may get an amazing opportunity; it will be a very good decision to change your existing job. Keep your personal and professional life separate. It`s time out for all of you. Just take it easy and have a good time.


It is a very good time to invest in long term projects as earnings are indicated to be high. Your income will have a good flow throughout the month and this will enable expenses to be under control. You may see some positive financial developments occurring as indications are that you are in for a promotion or a raise in the first half of the month. This is something that is long due to you. Even if you are running your own business, you may find that you obtain a new source of income but be attentive as the second half of the month looks cautious.


Love can heal everything, which too happens with time. You will be able to have an outstanding month on the romantic front. You will find that you have a bit of a wandering eye in regards to relationships. Don’t get into unnecessary arguments with your partner or you may have regret for the lifetime. Make sure you are honest with your partner and iron out any problems before they get out of hand. It will be very good time for those who were planning for marriage as fixation for the same is highly predicted. Singles may meet someone very special around the second half of the month. Married couples can plan to conceive.


This month will not give you ample situations to worry about your health. Your office will also not give you much stress so you can expect good times on the health front. Beware of some skin irritations as problems with the skin are indicated for you this month. Keep out of the sun in order to avoid skin damage and drink plenty of water. Avoid oily foods and very dusty and dirty areas. This will not only help your skin remain healthy, but will give you a healthy, hydrated glow as well. Recent aches and pains will clear up and maybe with the help of a little yoga you will start to feel energized again.