Pisces Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2018

13th August- 19th August, 2018
The possibilities and hard work will go hand in hand.

Weekly Career Prediction

Career and job will in need of your attention in this week of August. Those of you in sales-oriented jobs will find it difficult to achieve your targets and may even be criticized by your seniors. Do not be disheartened by this and make the situation worse that stops you from giving your best, advices Pisces weekly predictions. You need to be on your toes at all times. There is a strong possibility of moving to a commercial office if you have been working from your residence until now. If you have joined any new organization recently, you will come to handle a lot of big projects this week.

Weekly Finance Prediction

You financial status will remain the same as it were last week. There will be no major change in the outlook. You will have to plan your finances meticulously. If you are planning to start your business, there are high indications of getting a big investment proposal by someone close, it may be a friend or a relative, predicts Pisces weekly predictions. However the best thing is to not rush into any decision, this week. Avoid planning a family trip now, as it will turn out to be too expensive. If you have already saved some money, you can use it now.

Weekly Romance Prediction

This week will be really fruitful on the romantic front, says Pisces weekly predictions. Reflect on some of the special times you have been having with your partner lately and think of how to build on this loving rapport between the two of you. Don`t forget to kick up your heels and have some fun, as it will give you stories to share and laugh about together. If you are single, you will have a great time with your friends and who knows one of the friends might confess some strong feelings for you by the end of this week, says your weekly horoscope.

Weekly Health Prediction

Health will be all about taking stuff that has been left unattended for long now, says your Pisces weekly predictions. This week brings the time for you to be attentive towards all your minute physical and mental needs that you are troubled with. This week seems to be a cautious time for travelling sort of things too. If you are planning to loose weight, you should start with your diet, advices your weekly horoscope.