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Libra Zodiac Sign Horoscope Prediction 2017

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23rd April 2017 till 29th April 2017

Weekly Horoscope Prediction for Libra


This week will be the best time to go for self improvements in all areas, but particularly in the career front. It will be relatively easy for you to sell ideas and yourself, as well as to push your skills and expertise under the noses of other people. They will certainly sit up and take notice. Clearly, then, this is a time to view the world as a bigger stage and show your talents. Your confidence will increase and you would be able to get exactly what you want. There will certainly be a chance for advancement.


This week instead of taking any major decision you should invest your energies to build a strong foundation for your future. Those of you who work overseas need not worry about problems at work as these will soon be over. Though businessmen will see an increase in profits during this period they should not get into any partnerships as it could be harmful for their business. be careful if you are thinking to invest in some bonds or equities, as they might not give you the expected profits.

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Lucky you! This week will give you time to spend it with your loved ones. Love wise ,those who are more experienced or older than you, or people of power, authority influence or wealth, will be very attractive. You will feel relaxed and much better towards the end of the week as you will have the constant support and love from your family and friends. You will feel blessed to have an amazing set of people in your life. You will get the most honest suggestions from your loved one for your betterment. Beware of any misunderstandings that might crop up between you and those who are close to you-your family, friends or co-workers.


Eat wisely and try to keep a positive and enthusiastic outlook on life, and all will be well this week. You can avoid most health problems, particularly headaches, constipation or liver problems, by avoiding depression and feeling of loneliness. It is important when these descend that you keep yourself busy enough to dwell on them. When it comes to receive attention from the medical profession, you are advised to get a second opinion.