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Zodiac Sun Sign Libra

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25th September 2016 – 01st October 2016

Weekly Horoscope Prediction for Libra

Promising week for professionals and lovers!


Professionals engaged in imparting technical education are likely to have a very good time this week. Indications are high that you are likely to see your dreams coming true as you execute your ideas to perfection. Your self-confidence and courage will give you a drive to push ahead at work. You can expect good results in your respective fields provided you execute your ideas to the best of your ability. Students may get good news regarding scholarships or admissions to a university overseas. Your application for admission to an overseas university will most probably be approved.

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Continue to choose to be happy and upbeat and you will continue to see positive developments in your life. This positivity is also reflected in your finances which have looked up greatly. Maybe consider opening up a business that you run out of your home? Analyze all your options because indications are that if you put your mind to improving your financial position and you are sure to start yourself on the path to success. Investments from past may give you an unexpected major monetary return.


This will be a promising week for the love life of a ‘Libra’. Your partner`s unconditional love will help in putting your past behind you and will allow you to look forward to happy times ahead. Finally you can feel like you have found someone who understands you and loves you for who you are. Make sure you nourish this relationship as people like this don`t come along every day. Cherish what you have. Your relationship may hit some hurdles though. Don`t press on issues too much and let some time pass so that cooler heads can prevail. .


Your health and your mood will actually get better this week. Be regular with your diet and you will have a well being throughout the week. You will get relief from the former health issues. You may feel a bit under the weather, but it is most likely just stress-related so try to take it easy. In order to cure your aches and pains, address the source of your stress. The state of one`s mind has tremendous effect on the body, so pay attention to your current stress level and the effect it`s having on your health. Moderate your stress and you`ll improve your health.