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Zodiac Sun Sign Libra

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24th July 2016 – 30th July 2016

Weekly Horoscope Prediction for Libra

Positive approach, positive results!


A colleague, you recently had an argument with may try to make problems for you in office this week. He or she may try to make you look bad in front of your seniors, so be on your guard. Make sure you complete all your tasks fully so that you can avoid any disagreements and do not ruffle any feathers. If you are a student you will feel stressed about your results. Remember you studied hard and had given your best efforts. People involved in manufacturing will receive great orders increasing their finances.

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You will be thinking about investing in a residential property. Make investments only after proper research. You may want to upgrade the living quarters of your children or your parents and make them live comfortably. Investing in a home or a vehicle or applying for loans is a good idea, this week. All signs indicate that this is a favorable move, so you should enjoy the changes that are coming your way. Don’t panic while making any financial decision.


Love needs attention too. As you were not able to make the desired time for your partner in the recent days, this week, put some extra efforts to maintain the harmony in relationship. Plan some days off or set up a romantic date to show up your affection towards them. Your partner will be really smitten with you and it will be a good time to harness your love life. Your preparations for the date will be appreciated. Do return this affection after you have enjoyed soaking it all in.


This week will be a very good time when it comes to health as all your health issues will come to an end finally. Your physical health will be fine and your mental state stable. Do not become complacent, however, as you still need to eat well and exercise regularly to stay in such great shape. Your health cannot remain this good forever, so keep up the good habits and make this healthy period last. Pregnant women are advised not to have allergic foods and be attentive while walking and on stairs.