Libra Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2019

11th February, 2019 - 17th Feburary2019
Put your efforts and get the best result.

Weekly Career Prediction

The coming week is full of uncertainties and emotional distress which will heavily affect your productivity, says Libra weekly prediction. At the same time if you are involve in your family business then it will get you the profit. Partnership ventures will also be profitable this week. However, salaried employees are advised to retain humility at work and try to be gentle with their speech especially with seniors. The persons involved in marketing and sales will be able to derive more and more benefits with their smooth and gentle speech.

Weekly Finance Prediction

The coming week remain smooth regarding fund generation, says Libra weekly prediction. If you are a salaried person then it your increment will get delayed. If you are planning to get revenues then you need to work harder than usual. You may get a partnership offer if you are running your own company. You must think seriously about this partnership offer as it may be fruitful in coming days. Those working in chemical industry will find this week fruitful.

Weekly Romance Prediction

If you are married and planning to have an offspring then you might get some good news at the end of the week, says Libra weekly prediction. This week will help you to get the acceptance of your elders regarding marriage. You may get married with your beloved one. Try to understand the needs of your partner and do accordingly to keep the things smooth going.

Weekly Health Prediction

The health issues you have been suffering from the past few weeks will get resolved this week, says Libra weekly prediction. However, you need to be careful about the health of your children as it may trouble you. Take medical consultation if needed and also follow healthy diet chart. Be careful if you suffer from irregularity in blood pressure.