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Zodiac Sun Sign Libra

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23rd October 2016 - 30th October 2016

Weekly Horoscope Prediction for Libra

Satisfaction in professional life, rewards on financial!


On the professional front, you will have a very satisfying time this week. If you work at a bank then you may find that you stumble upon some ways to improve your long-term career growth. Make good impression on the people you meet at your workplace as you never know how that relationship could be useful in the future. Be on your best behavior in the office. Students taking exams will be satisfied with their performance. You have nothing to worry about as your preparation is very thorough and there is nothing much that could trip you up.

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This week is a very rewarding time on the financial front. If you are thinking to buy or sell real estate, and you have been doing your homework about a property you wanted to acquire or get rid of, you can finally make your move. Make sure you check all your documents carefully, though, as one auspicious time cannot save you from all the errors that can occur in a complex transaction. However, do take advantage of this day when forward movement is indicated. The investments you make this week will definitely reap good gains.


This week will be an excellent time on the romantic front. For some reason some tensions have arisen in your household or in your relationship, but things will get finally resolved now. You seem to be the only one who can resolute the matter and bring back the peace. Be diplomatic and objective in your approach and the situation will return to normal soon. If you need a bit of time away from your partner, take it. Married couples are advised to give their partner some more time than usual to maintain the harmony in their relationship. Let your love glow with time!


Try to keep the stress levels down as you are prone to get carried away by some of the tensions from work, this week. Use techniques of deep breathing and yoga to reduce stress and create a harmonious atmosphere in your home. There is a need to watch your loved ones` health too; there may be some cause for concern. Be on the lookout for behavioral changes. This is the time to understand and be there for them. Eat foods that are full of energy and cheers your mood up. Abdominal issues are indicated for infants.