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Libra Zodiac Sign Horoscope Prediction 2017

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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Libra - March 2017

The artistic side with sensitivity on the sleeve binds with creativity to exhibit the unique you.


You might be in full swing to perform actively at work but somewhere you would lack unknowingly. Overall you will perform really well, but somewhere you might lack interest and it would actively affect your participation in the workplace. The distraction can be due to the professional ambiance or some issues on the personal front those have occupied your mind. Libra monthly horoscope says that you need to hold yourself this month as your professional life might shake from various ends. For those who are in the creative field due to the competitive scenario, you might face criticism that can lower your demeanor. Avoid surrendering to such comments and concentrate on proving yourself.


Financial security is of utmost priority at moment for you. You might be looking forward to settling all your debts and cover up the unwanted expenses. Fortunately, you might succeed in it this month. The stars will show you an excellent flow of income in your basket, but an encounter with sudden and unwanted expenses would shake your financial holding. A mix of gain and expense would keep you on your toes. Hence, imbalance with finance would make you more cautious and also push to cut down expenses as much as possible. The horoscope says with no profitable opportunities on the investment chart, you should not make any investment to save for a fruitful time and also avoid any further loss of income.


Pleasure and possessiveness are the priority in terms of love for you this month. Your insecurity in the relationship might be visible in your involuntary activities. You need to keep such behavior in control. For those in a relationship, you might have a tough time, as you would be occupied with the feeling of jealousy and that would make you act in a peculiar way. It can be really annoying for your partner. Unwantedly this would invite issues in your love life, making it uncomfortable for you both. Avoid such drama in order to save your relationship, instead talk and clear confusion, to feel better and wipe out the feeling of jealousy. Subsequently, some of you who have been cheating their partners lately or from quite some time then you are likely to be cut out from your partner’s life. Be careful as love this month, is a little tough.


Health will be on moderate mode this March for you. It is likely you might face some nerve problems due to carelessness in the past weeks. You can also suffer from acidity problems if you do not take care of your health and the food that you eat. Avoid junk food and also food that causes bad cholesterol. Imbibe a healthy regime in your life to feel active and light all day without any diseases. Overall, you would enjoy your life health wise this time.