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Libra Zodiac Sign Horoscope Prediction 2017

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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Libra - June 2017

Your Fair play and righteous approach in life would help you reap good times!


This month you will uproot all the hurdles those have been restricting your career growth! Your hard work and the enthusiasm to outshine attracting accolades would be high. In spite of heavy responsibility on your shoulder this week you would juggle with all duties extremely well. Indeed it would be an excellent time on the career front, especially for the businessmen. You are likely to get a new partnership or investment for expansion. For those in jobs you might get in some major investors for the company and this would add a star to your achievements. Some of you might get a business deal or job opportunity aboard during this month. So, make the most of it!

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Money and overheads go hand in hand for you! You are a good manager but when it comes to personal expenses it is difficult to hold yourself. Fortunately, it is an excellent time for flow of income but your spending nerve might disturb the monetary balance in the first half of the month. You need to get a hold of the unnecessary expenses and push them off in the back seat to fulfill later. Luckily your stars would be generous on you and help you lower your expenses in the second half. Since your financial status is on a shaky ground this month, it seems not to be a safe time to take any risk or even go ahead with investments! Make sure you keep that for later says Libra monthly horoscope.


Efforts whether put on the early stage of life or later always reap results. Librans love beauty so in any way quality is preferred than quantity by them even when it comes to love. It would be an exceptional time for you couples, to romance with your partner throughout the month. The attractive single people first half of June would put in all the efforts to make you meet someone special or get a new partner by your side If you are seeking one. If you have been facing some tough time in your marriage lately and want to fix things then the ruling planet Venus is all set to give you another chance to fix everything and make them better! Those who want to go for a long term relationship then you June go ahead it is the right time!


Some strange issues are likely to affect your health in the first half says Libra monthly horoscope. So, ensure that you keep a watch on your health. Auspiciously 2nd half of the month will keep you disease free and give you all the activeness to enjoy. You would be productive and energetic on all fronts.