Leo Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2018

17th December - 23rd December, 2018
A good and a stable approach brings opportunities for new beginnings!

Weekly Career Prediction

You may need to adopt great maturity and a compassionate approach to resolve all differences that may crop up in your professional life this week. Try to be adaptable to circumstances as this most required for the week. You may face some struggles in your work, says Leo weekly horoscope. This week is best suited for imaginative and spiritual pursuits. If you are inclined to spirituality and want to have in-depth knowledge about the same, you can go for it. The ones who are planning for a job change should wait for some more time and do not hurry up in making any decision.

Weekly Finance Prediction

You will learn the importance on keeping a check on different aspects of your life this week and the need to handle your finances well. Unwanted expenses will leave you drained of funds. Therefore, you will have less scope of saving considerable amount of money. It is better not to get into any sort of speculative deals and investments as of now, says Leo weekly horoscope. Do not raise your aspiration too high about monetary gains. There could be a lot of impulsiveness and ego related spending. Make financially intelligent decisions and get the best of this time.

Weekly Romance Prediction

Love will find its way to happiness and commitment, this week and you will be much contented with it. You may tend to express your frustration towards your partner. To sustain harmony, you need to overcome such disturbing emotions, says Leo weekly horoscope. You will maintain happy relations with your partner. Times will be a little rough for those in love and in a long term relationship. Some misunderstandings will play a spoil sport in your romantic life. To figure out the differences, you need to spend more time with each other. this might take time but things will be back on track soon.

Weekly Health Prediction

Health needs to be taken proper care off. You may be quite prone to impulsive actions which you need to avoid. Subsequently, it may lead to severe problems. It is best to take things light and easy to see better results, says Leo weekly horoscope. Mental stress, anxiety and anger will lead to illness. Do not neglect even minor looking health issue. Treat the same effectively and promptly to stop it from taking alarming proportion. Regulate your food habits and stay healthy.