Leo Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2018

18th Jun 2018 till 24th Jun 2018
Trust in your dreams and plan ahead!

Weekly Career Prediction

This time is going to be an energy booster for your professional life. You will find this week to be extremely beneficial for your job and workplace. This week can be successful in terms of achieving your long cherished goals and objectives. This will be possible due to your strong determination and effective planning. You will embrace the challenges and soar. This is an opportunity to showcase your ability, says Leo weekly horoscope. Remain cool and composed and you will do the best. There will be encouragement to those aspiring for higher knowledge in philosophy and spiritual studies. If your want to explore your business, this is the right time to start.

Weekly Finance Prediction

You will have a stable time for your finances, this week, says your Leo weekly predictions. However, try to avoid anyone who might approach you for a loan. This even includes close friends and family members. Giving this loan will most certainly spoil both your bank account and your relationship. If you are asked for the loan, try to get out of the situation very diplomatically. Also try not to extend credit to anyone in business. Keep your documents in order to avoid losses. If you are planning to invest, you will be able to get the expected results soon

Weekly Romance Prediction

This week will bring good time for both couples and singles on the romantic front, says your Leo weekly horoscope. For those of you who are in a long-distance relationship you may get some very surprising news that your partner is either visiting you or planning to move to your location. You will be thrilled to receive this news. Use this time to make preparations for this very special visitor, advices your weekly predictions. This week will bring a really supportive time for people who have been struggling to get their parent’s approval on their marriage and relationship.

Weekly Health Prediction

This week will be all about giving a focus on improving your diet. Identify those small areas in which you sneak unhealthy snacks and then don`t count them as part of your calorie intake. Small snacks are fine, but then you have to decide how you`re going to work them off. Be realistic with yourself, and make sure that you are concretely working towards the fitness goals you have set, advices your Leo weekly horoscope. Married couples will hear good news regarding a child birth.