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Leo Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2019

18th February, 2019 - 24th Feburary2019
Challenges and changes both are waiting for you

Weekly Career Prediction

There is a lot that changes in your professional front, this week. Get ready to experience a merry go round for your career and professional aspects. There may be chances of difference of opinion with your superiors and colleagues. But your good communication skills will sort it out soon. If you are in the field of media and entertainment, this week will give you great opportunities. Education will cause much laziness for students and you will tend to be inattentive to studies, says Leo weekly predictions. Those doing post-graduation will be better off. Don’t hesitate to ask your seniors to give you some useful tips to score good marks, advices your weekly predictions.

Weekly Finance Prediction

If you are working as a business man, get ready to celebrate this favorable time for your finances. You are likely to crack one of the most important deals of your life, says Leo weekly horoscope. This week brings a great time to set your goal for the week and schedule your activities for the month. You will enjoy the bliss of your growth in business and you will accumulate wealth. Job holder will get chances to earn more than the desired money from their new jobs. Invest in the deals you have thought of and you will see some great benefits in the coming times, advices Leo weekly predictions.

Weekly Romance Prediction

This week may remain unfavorable for your love relations, says Leo weekly prediction. You are suggested to remain careful about the feelings of your partner. Don’t Married couples will not be able to make time for each other due to some unavoidable reasons. On being overly busy with growth related activities, single one may not be able to spend some quality time with loved one. It is the best to keep up your cool when you are with your family members and not let any argument spoil a perfect week, advices Leo weekly predictions.

Weekly Health Prediction

However, no serious threat to your health is looking forward even then you are suggested to take medical consultations on regular basis in order to remain free from further threat. Let optimism and positive feeling be the norm for the week, says Leo weekly horoscope. You have to be wiser in dealing with your health this week. It has been a long time now that you are skipping meals or driving carelessly, make sure you don’t continue it for long now, advices Leo weekly predictions. Make sure even if you are working late, take care of your meals and hygiene.