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Leo Zodiac Sign Horoscope Prediction 2017

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19th March 2017 till 25th March 2017

Weekly Horoscope Prediction for Leo

Profitable deals this week, mixed emotions regarding your lover!


Discussing your career scenario will keep you occupied, this week. You will get support from your colleagues and boss in all your actions. Utilize this opportunity to the best of your ability and try to excel in whatever you do says Leo daily horoscope. Students should not worry regarding studies; instead, make a proper routine for your studies. This would help you cover your syllabus systematically and be well prepared for the exams. Execute your plans to achieve your goals.


It is a good week for industrialists. You will gain profits and also you will receive profitable deals. It will help you cover up all the previous debts. Also, you can even save good amount for further investments or emergencies. An excellent week for property dealers, if you have been trying to crack a deal! Dairy industries will also experience rise in their finance. Do not borrow or lend money as this is not a favorable week to do so.

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You will be full of mixed emotions, this week. This might confuse you with some of your relationships. You will be happy and jealous at the same time. You will be confused as you don’t know how you feel for the person you actually like. This might stress you out a little and affect your minds to a great extent. Wait for few more days to know what you want and express your feelings. Do not try to force anyone to accept your proposal. If you do not get the same feeling from the person, the way you have for them then let it go. Try to be patient and you will soon get the right life partner.


Do not let work affect your health. It is likely that the work pressure this week might exhaust you completely. Elders might suffer from joint pain, so do not put much effort on your body. Take precautions to avoid any health problems. Proper diet and physiotherapy can help you feel better and comfortable.