Leo Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2019

24th June, 2019 - 30th June, 2019
A promising time for leo, keep going!

Weekly Career Prediction

This will be a promising time to pursue your professional goals, says your weekly predictions. Remember to work relentlessly in order to achieve your targets at the earliest. You need to maintain a positive outlook and be hopeful. Your confidence will help you cross all hurdles in the way of your progress. Careful planning, combined with the right opportunity, will enable you to realize your professional dreams. You can take the help of your colleagues in this matter. It will boost your morale and help you achieve your professional targets on time. Students should be ready to explore their chances.

Weekly Finance Prediction

This week you need to explore your financial prospects to get the best deal in your hands, says your leo weekly predictions. If you want to try your luck in investments, they are going to be really fruitful for you, says your weekly predictions. You will make some profit you should partner with someone from abroad. You`ll find that if you chose the right partner your finances improve dramatically. Make sure you know who you are partnering with and be very open and realistic about the terms of the partnership, but go ahead with it at this time. Foreign parties and foreign markets can bring you lucrative contracts at this time.

Weekly Romance Prediction

This week will be really satisfying on the romantic front. Try to focus on your relationship instead of thinking about all the other people who you imagine would make a perfect partner for you. You have a tendency to look for a fairytale romance. Your relationship will suffer if you constantly compare your partner to other people. Remember, we all have flaws and we all make mistakes. In reality, you need a loving partner, not a mythical superhero who can help and support you in all your bad and good times, says leo weekly horoscope. Ignore people who try to bring you down.

Weekly Health Prediction

You will be very happy and excited and will be able to complete your tasks with ease because you will be totally fit and fine. You will maintain good health and physical fitness that allows you to spend some extra time in your gym, predicts Leo weekly horoscope. Some of you may have skin irritations by the end of the week. Therefore, medical consultation is advisory. Children should be careful while playing outdoor games, injuries are indicated at this point of time.