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Gemini Zodiac Sign Horoscope Prediction 2017

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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Gemini - March 2017

Your blessed charm & wit is the key to victory for you!


The satisfaction of achievement and enthusiasm to be content is high on your charts this month, says Gemini monthly horoscope. Your zeal to cut through troubles and become victorious will provide you with immense opportunities on the professional front. You will be super active when it comes to performance, but you need to be super cautious. For some of you at work, it might not be a favorable time as your new ideas might not bring desired results. Let this not lower your self-confidence, rather take it as a challenge and work on it, to bounce back better. On the other hand, your communication is likely to be taken in the wrong way at office place. Try to explain your point if possible or wait for the right time. Fortunately, irrespective of all this, you will have good relations with the higher ups.


You might have struggled to save last month, but this month you have no reason to face such a time. The stars aspire to be generous with you. Fortunately, in spite of a moderate flow of income, your expenses will be under control giving you a good chance to save some for future crisis and investments. With slight monetary benefit, you can make some fruitful investment for you and your family to get your earning on track. On a good note, you might make some good profits with your investments in future.

Romance/ marriage

Abundance of romance and love will be enjoyed this month. For newlyweds or new romantic partners, this might be a great time to romance, know each other and even take your relationship forward. You will be highly passionate about your feelings and would have a pleasurable time. However, some of you might face some argument. Ensure you do not extend it, instead make efforts to resolve it and not hamper the lovely time you have with each other. A ray of hope for the couples who desire to extend their family, this is a fertile time to conceive. So, make the most of the opportunity and welcome good news in the coming time.


You might feel more energetic and active this month as compared to the last one. In fact, all the minor ailments those troubled you last week would vanish. Your body would be in complete sync with your mind, giving you enough ease and comfort to work more efficiently. Your work life will be backed with superb health to perform more duties. Luckily, you will be more energetic than the last month. Keep up the good work to maintain your health. If you are yet to begin a healthy regime, then this might be a good time to start.