Capricorn Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2018

17th December - 23rd December, 2018
Think out of the box and use the available opportunities.

Weekly Career Prediction

You have to stay a little extra careful on the professional front, this week. You have to work harder than you were planning to. Business person may not be able to make much headway in a negotiation with a high worth customer for clinching the deal. You need to reevaluate whether you are using all your skills and talents. Career oriented will be in a hurry to complete a task. You need to be cautious of miscommunication, advices Capricorn weekly horoscope. A challenging time for the management specialists. Student in basic education will have no troubling grasping the concepts. You need to focus harder!

Weekly Finance Prediction

Funds will appear to be a little less than you were expecting. So it will be wise to have a check on your spending habits. With limited amount of money, you may find it difficult to spend on some of your domestic chores. Loss of money is also possible and especially through the speculative deals, says Capricorn weekly horoscope. Therefore, it is advised to you not to invest in share market or bonds at this point of time. You will be able to prove your abilities well in work around the weekend which will make you earn appreciation in monetary form. This will enhance your level of performance and productivity in work.

Weekly Romance Prediction

You will find this week to be a highly satisfying one for your romantic life. You will feel refreshed and determined and this will make them spend great time with their partner. Success in undertakings will be seen and you should get ready to hear good news regarding your married life, says Capricorn weekly horoscope. You will discuss matters of importance regarding both your lives to your partner. Both will arrive at suitable decisions while meeting each other. The couples who are in a relationship from a long time, it is high time to commit. If you want to get your parent’s acceptance on your relationship, it’s high time to ask for it too.

Weekly Health Prediction

Your health may not be as good as you want it to be. You will not be able to stick to your exercise regime. Position of planets here indicates that you will catch some health problem. Take due precautionary measures to ward off the trouble. There will be constant fluctuations in your health. Workload will cause you mental and physical strain, predicts Capricorn weekly horoscope. Medical consultation is advisory.