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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2019

18th February, 2019 - 24th Feburary2019
Remain careful about your health, this week

Weekly Career Prediction

Mixing business with pleasure works well for you, career-wise and this week will bring a great time for you because of this change. You are likely to find some leads for a good career opportunity, predicts your Capricorn weekly horoscope. Your years of hard work and clever planning have prepared you well for this progressive career path ahead, so pat yourself on the back for your efforts. If you are working in the entertainment sector, you are likely to get your most important project till date, says your weekly predictions.

Weekly Finance Prediction

YMonetary prospects appear to be good for this week for Capricorns. You will be able to earn well and find an increase in bank balance. You can plan to venture into new investments and they will definitely seek some results you were least expecting, says Capricorn weekly horoscope. Investments made carefully in the past will bring excellent returns improving your financial standing and make you spend some extra bucks, this week. If you are in the service industry, chances are to land to the project you have been giving your efforts from so long, says your weekly predictions.

Weekly Romance Prediction

This week, you need to keep a check on your love life, advices your Capricorn weekly predictions. You may run into some difficulties in your romantic life as you and your partner fall out of sync with each other. You may have had a misunderstanding recently and not even realized it. You should take the advice and mediation services of a good and trusted friend. You will be over this hurdle soon. Reconciliation will come with time. If you are planning to propose your crush, make sure you do it in the best way possible. There are high chances of getting a yes, predicts your weekly horoscope.

Weekly Health Prediction

Focus on calming your mind and focusing your attention on the things that matter and this will help you to maintain a good well being, says your Capricorn weekly predictions. Use breathing and meditation techniques to centre yourself and bring your mind to a place of calm and serenity. You will find that your focus, health, work and relationships all improve. If you are planning to travel, be careful with driving. Minor injuries are indicated for the week.