Cancer Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2018

17th December - 23rd December, 2018
A favorable time for You Cancer, Get ready to flourish!

Weekly Career Prediction

The week foresees a favorable move for your professional life. Remain on the lookout for major business deal with a very important client. If you are working in an office you will be handed over an important task in the absence of your colleague. Take this as an opportunity to hone your inherent skills and thereby prove your worth. Your superiors will be pleased with your performance, says Cancer weekly horoscope. You need to study for extended hours to make the desired progress. Also take part in curriculum activities and excursions to gain additional knowledge of the subject of your interest.

Weekly Finance Prediction

This week will be no less than a blessing for your financial life. Opportunities are galore for making more money this week. Position of planets here indicates that you will be ready to work hard to increase the inflow of money for you and you will get chances to explore some new ways of earning money. It is a good time to make investments too. You will get benefited for a longer run than you have imagined. You will get rewards from your past investments, says Cancer weekly horoscope. Things will get really well if you try to manipulate the situation to earn more profits.

Weekly Romance Prediction

Get ready to have a whole new experience for your life. It doesn’t matter if your single or committed some changes are bound to happen. Those single will be asked by parents and family members to either reveal choice about person of opposite sex to tie knots or adhere to the choice of the family to marry and settle in life. Those in a confirmed relationship will have some disagreements with their partner. Do not be in hurry to resolve the fiery issue for now. Remain tactful and wait and you will see some great developments in your love life, says Cancer weekly horoscope.

Weekly Health Prediction

This week will be a time full of changes. Person with tendency to obesity needs to be careful about food intake. Try to avoid eating junk food, fried food and sweets as much possible. Consult a nutritionist and dietician to tackle your hunger pangs and cravings. Join a gym to lose those extra pounds. In case of slow digestion, take some medication to combat the issue, says Cancer weekly horoscope.