Aquarius Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2019

22nd April, 2019 - 28th April, 2019
Find the better opportunities and start working on it!

Weekly Career Prediction

You need to be careful while dealing with your superiors as there are chances of verbal duels, especially of you are working in the management department. Be patient and take criticism in a sportive attitude. Involving yourself in spiritual pursuits as that would give you relief and clear your clouds of confusion, says Aquarius weekly horoscope. Every task will not only be interesting but very easy to remember for students. You will have a quick grasp of the lessons learnt. Your results will be encouraging and your parents will be proud of you. Planning for a job change? Go for it!

Weekly Finance Prediction

This week will be full of expenditure both on the professional and personal front. The only thing that is going to save you this week is your savings, says Aquarius weekly horoscope. Spending of money towards house renovation might be possible. There are also chances for you to incur unwanted expenditure. But the good thing is it won’t disturb your balance. It is always a good idea to start all over again and use that extra source of income to put a balance between your expenses and earnings. You can expect a monetary return by the end of this week.

Weekly Romance Prediction

You may tend to show your egoistic tendencies to your partner. It will be fine to avoid such egoistic tendencies to maintain harmony, advices Aquarius weekly horoscope. This week may not be a very good time for you, if you are planning to conceive. Things may not work well for you in close relationship. You may then need to take initiative for resolving the issue. Do so with due justification and take care of the feelings of the concerned person. This week gives you the definite time to go over and take some alone time to understand what can you do to make everything all right.

Weekly Health Prediction

You will get good time to enjoy your health and well being. You will not face any health problems and this will make you work well in both your personal & professional work. Some of may suffer from a minor headache. You need to keep yourself relaxed in order to enjoy sound health. If you are planning to travel, it will be good advice not to drink & drive, says Aquarius weekly horoscope.