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Aquarius Zodiac Sign Horoscope Prediction 2017

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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Aquarius - October 2017

Work hard to achieve your goals, Speak up for love!


Not only this New Year is going to be great for your professional life but this will start from this month only, says Aquarius monthly horoscope. Your professional life will be really rewarding for you this month and you will see yourself flourishing professional. Whether you are working in the private firms or as a government employee, a definite recognition is foreseen for you in October. Complete your pending work soon in order to avoid chaos in the coming time of the month. Freshers will find this month to be really auspicious for them. They will get the job they were looking for and will fell contented and satisfied with the role they have been offered. You have the urge to travel, and not just travel to the next town, but maybe to another side of the country. Adjust your career plans to fulfill this dream and make it even a more worthy trip. Job seekers can get good job opportunities.

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Good finances will be there in the coming year to support you too. Rise in expenditure will be balanced by the good flow of income in the month of October. Unwanted and wasteful expenditure will be there and you need to be very particular in what to buy and what not to buy, says Aquarius monthly horoscope. You will face sufficiency of money and that will be because of your wise planning of the finances. There will be a big spending of money towards the development purposes of your family members too. Thank heavens for the influence of benefices. You will manage the expenses comfortably. You will remain in a healthy financial position. You will still feel that you should do something more to earn more money and nothing more than an investment can be beneficial in these situations. Focus on saving more money for the future. If you have lend money to your friend or relative, this month will have an unexpected return from their side. You will be able to pay back your debts and loans taken.


This month brings with it the urge to try and demonstrate something unique about your current relationship and see how wonderful like can get if you have love in your life. If you think that falling in love is like taking a leap into the unknown, then the energy of the month will prove you right. You have a chance to get together with someone whom you have admired from a distance. Singles now get the opportunity to tell them how you feel. Be honest and brave! The second half of the month may bring some unwanted problems in your love life. You need to have open and frank talks with your partner for maintaining happiness. There is a need of adjustment to be done on your part. You will possess egoistic feelings and this will disturb the relationship with your partner. To keep it on track, make sure you are making efforts. Pregnant women are advised to be careful with their physical well being.


The key here is to keep a balance between your work and health as you accept all the challenges that life presents and succeed. You know that your sensitive nature needs to be taken care of especially well in times of stress. Do what you love and make some time out, lie back, listen to the music you love and let your imagination take you places. You will be relieved from all the pain you had from your last health issue. Any kind of exercise that gets your heart rate up while stretching your limbs can be a great thing to do, this month. If you are planning to lose weight, be punctual with the routine you made.