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Aquarius Zodiac Sign Horoscope Prediction 2017

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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Aquarius - March 2017

Your vision is the projection of your expanded dreams and showcases the spirit of a doer!


It does not matter whichever career you belong to, as your hard work and creative side would justify your caliber and talent in any profile you opt for. Your outstanding performance at work will provide a gateway to all your ideas and visions. You will be able to contribute, whether for business or job in a positive way. You will get a chance to implement your new ideas those would help in retrieving old business. This would prove to be a signifier of your immense caliber. With all your hard work, labor and contribution being recognized, you will surely see enhancement in your status of work. You are likely to receive accolades, increment or even elevation to a higher position at work.


You value money in every way, this is the reason that you leave no chance for your money to be wasted. The Aquarius monthly horoscope predicts that you are not the flashy kind of a person with money and by god’s grace income will be good for you. On the contrary, it may not be up to the level of your work, so do not let it shrink your aspirations or doubt your potential. Instead, wait for the right time. If you have started working lately, then you might be getting your first income this month. Cherish the time and save some for future. For those who have saved enough to invest in future, this is a good time to invest. Since you are blessed that your expenses will be under control you can explore profitable opportunities to invest.


Trust is an inevitable reality of life for you. Before you actually settle down into a serious relationship, you need to be assured about the loyalty towards you. The couples, who have been with each other through thick and thin and are happily together till date, you are going to enjoy romantic pleasures with your partner, can be a date or even a small outing. On the other hand, if lucky enough to get an assurance of trust and security from your partner, then this is the best time to seek approval of your elders to take the relationship forward. If some of you are on the hunt for a suitable groom, you are likely to find the right one this month. Since love favors Aquarius monthly horoscope completely, single people can meet someone new or can propose the one they have feelings for. Might be it turns out positive. Lastly, Couples who are ready to become parents this can be a good time to conceive. So, make the most of this time.


Perhaps you need to give yourself permission to take care of yourself. The work exertion sometimes affects your health drastically. You need to first take care of yourself then only you would be able to pump energy throughout the day to perform well. Include plenty of fresh fruits in your diet to increase your nutritional intake. Do not suppress your feeling, as it might affect your overall functioning of the body. Try to stay chirpy and include physical activities in your daily routine. The month assures enjoyment at both work and personal life from the health point of view.