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Aquarius Zodiac Sign Horoscope Prediction 2017

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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Aquarius - May 2017

You would sail through the month without any difficulty!


Your unique nature to take up every task seriously would undoubtedly make you perform exceptionally well at any work you take up. You would be appreciated for your outstanding performance on the work front. You are ambitious and creative and this would help you grab a lot of projects and assignments. It might be a good opportunity to exhibit your caliber but it would also make your schedule hectic as you would have to complete pending tasks to meet the deadline or market demand. You would have a good repo with your subordinates Try to prioritize work so that you do not have to compromise with quality.


Unfortunately, you cannot expect an overall fruitful month on the financial front. It is likely that you might see imbalance or disturbance in your routine income. So ensure that you keep a check on your expenses and also filter the unnecessary ones for the time being especially luxury. You would not see any additional income coming from different sources. The stars advise not to take any major financial decisions during this month as it seems unfavorable. Your expenses would incline towards the negative side of the budget and this could actually make it tough for you to meet your basic needs by the end of this month so, a strict advice to cut down your expenses.


If your financial stars increase the tension for you then your romantic side will surely blow it off and make you feel light and loved. You are a unique lover when it comes to relationship. You express in a completely different way that is not cliché and that makes you a class apart from the rest. You are practical yet emotional when it comes to romance. In the month of May romantic pleasure is on the higher side for all the lovers. For those who have been in a relationship for quite some time and want to seek approval of their elders then this surely is the best time to go ahead with this decision. On the other hand, couples who want to conceive this is indeed a good time to go ahead with it. Single Aquarians or those seeking a new relationship this is a good time to come across a new partner. Make the most of this opportunity and enjoy.


Health has been a major concern for most of you maximum time. This means you need to take extra care whenever possible. Though fortunately, this month would be an excellent time to enjoy good health but hectic schedule might trouble you a little. So, do not let your health be affected in any way. Eat good and healthy.