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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Aquarius - May 2016

Uneasiness Vanishes out Soon, Unexpected Money gains to make you happy!

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Sudden changes in your professional front have made worried and irritated. Don’t feel uneasy, this month you will be able to find a way if go with the flow. Before the situation worsens, take charge. You may encounter someone at workplace that throws challenges on your plate, asking you to accomplish it to avoid chaos later on. Do not take hasty decision in office and try to keep distance from anything that you feel might bring risk on professional front. Try to maintain low profile until something great comes in your hand. Lay more focus on responsibilities as time is testing your worth.


Unexpected monetary gains will make you excited, this month. You may recover a substantial amount of money which you never thought to see again. Follow up on your dormant investments today and you can get an unexpected piece of good news. Someone who had borrowed money from you and which you thought was lost forever is likely to return it today. Do not take financial risk or risky decision. Wise is one who weighs everything and proceeds ahead.


Something it's good to listen to what partner wants to say, instead of imposing your thoughts. 1st week could create issues even break up for some but nothing to worry when you know how to tackle things between you and your partner. You have a talent to impress and convince others by your words. Try this tactic; surely you will be a winner. Those who are tied in marriage bond, if planning for a baby, time says to be little cautious, complications might evade.


You have to take extra care not to gain weight. You will find that even if you have controlled your diet, you are feeling heavy and bloated. A sort of lethargy may overcome you, leaving you feeling tired and indifferent. This is a condition of your mind rather than of your body. Meditation and other mind body discipline can help you feel lighter and fitter today. Any sort of allergy if you are already facing, consult doctor. You are sensitive at times, your body needs pampering, go and spend some time with real “You”.