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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Aquarius - October 2016


This month will give you outstanding platforms to enhance your professional skills. The month is a good time to forge new business alliances. However, you should definitely consult a professional on the logistical aspects of starting your business. If you take some strategic and well timed advice right now you are likely to see gains within a short duration. Your efforts towards pending jobs seem to pay off remarkably well during this period. In fact, an enhancement in business and professional status is indicated. Focus on your routine responsibilities first to maintain the harmony at your workplace. Promotions are indicated. Your hard work will be appreciated and you will have a good reputation among your fellows.


This month ahead is all about pleasure and immediate profits in the financial arena. There will be a good balance between income and expense. You can expect financial gains in the form of salary hike or monetary returns. There are chances of going overboard with your spending. Limit out your expenditures and try to save a little more. You will find a way to curb this tendency to overspend by not giving in to urges. The second half of the month will be beneficial in the terms of finances upliftment. There is no need to take any financial risk this month by doing something or investing somewhere you are not sure about. Your old dues will finally get cleared. Expenses will remain in control.


There will be immense pleasure in your romantic life, this month. Your partner will be more cooperating than earlier and will try to understand your concerns better. There might be small fights over your busy schedule but love will make all things work better. A good time for those waiting for their special ‘someone’. There are high indications of meeting you with love of your life. Try to take care of your emotions by not hiding them from your partner, but by sharing it. They will support you and help you to pass the hard times. Women might face some disappointment as unwanted pregnancy is indicated for the month. Going for a trip by the end of the month would be perfect.


The month is going to be very good when it comes to your health department. Though there is indication of infections. Proper bandage and cleaning of injuries should be done so nobody gets infected. Hygiene should be maintained. Patients suffering from a recent injury should go in for physiotherapy without being late. This is a great month for you, health wise and you will enjoy a sound health throughout the month. However if you are a blood pressure patient, be more careful. Elderly people will enjoy good health this month after the discomfort of the past few months. Teenagers are advised to stay away from quarrels or fights. Do not skip your meals if you have to work under pressure.