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Aquarius Zodiac Sign Horoscope Prediction 2017

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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Aquarius - August 2017

As the problem solver, you will have to cope with problems in your kitty!


Your imaginative side has always been the driver to performing best in whatever you take up. You are more inclined towards the art or development side of the profession, which makes you excel in the field. You are known for your intellectual side and broad-mindedness which sometimes costs you. In the true sense, this would be a challenging time for you on the work front. It can be due to bias ness at work place or some other internal issue that can point fingers at you and question your performance. Fortunately, the stars would try to calm this situation and will grant you relief during the last week of the month. But you need to ensure that you do not take any hasty decisions or risk regarding work. During this scenario, it would be hard to hold the job for some. So, be careful!

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Like Capricorn, you are also known to balance both saving and spending. Your humanitarian side can sometimes prove fruitful and at times put you in trouble. So, ensure that you know when and where to show this side of you. You got to be super cautious during this month regarding money. Blessedly, the flow of income would be good but unfortunately, it would be hard to meet the monthly financial requirement. This is likely to make it tough to meet necessary expenses during the month for some. Your former investment that you must have made previously would be in loss now. The stars advise not to go for any kind of investment this month as it would not prove fruitful instead it would back fire. Wait till the ripe time arrives.


Your intellectual side is visible on the romantic front too. Looks alone are not the drivers of love for you. An intellectual company and an interesting conversation are all that you need to be impressed. The like mindedness, imagination and the fun side is what lures them in love. Indeed this makes them choosy and also not a flexible person when it comes to the relationship. This month those who are into a relationship you would be enjoying a romantic time with your partner. But some may face ups and down in life. Unfortunately, the fight would reach to a level that in the last week of the month some of you might face separation. Not a good time for a new relationship or partner and no romantic move.


Your ignorance towards health is going to make this month challenging for you. You need to pull up your socks to procure your health before other responsibilities suffer. Unwontedly you would be facing some or the other issues those would troll your health majorly. So, before this affects your energy and performance at work take control.