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Aquarius Zodiac Sign Horoscope Prediction 2017

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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Aquarius - January 2017

The earnest Aquarius- performance appreciation but be watchful of your behavior!


The independence and innovative side of an Aquarian is one of the features that depict that they mostly go for self-made ventures or creative work. They do not appreciate confined work environment and like a free environment to showcase their true talent and uniqueness at work. For those already at work, this is the time you will performing outstandingly. If you have been thinking to take some bold decision in relation to your business or work profile then this is a good time to go ahead. During this time you would be able to implement them successfully. This would help you basket a lot of appreciation and also move ahead professionally. Your innovative side is influencing to give you fertile results.


Money might not be the utmost priority for you but it does play an essential role in your life. The financial crisis is obviously not in your chart this month. The financial ride seems good giving you enormous opportunity to expand in the New Year. You might be surprised by excellent financial gain and also get a chance to put them in the right way. The expenses at your end will subside and also be under control causing no trouble or outflow to the gain you are experiencing this month. If you are planning to make some rewarding investments for future then this might be an excellent time to do so. Investing this time will help you acquire good returns.


Delighted by novelty and modernity the Aquarians are sharing and at times revolting. The romance on their chart can be a tough ride to handle by the other half. They can be extremely calm and kind at one point in time the other they can appear eccentric which is completely opposite to how they were behaving initially. Talking about this month you are likely to enjoy romantic time and pleasure with your loved one. Your partner would be very supportive to you but the behavior from your end might not match to theirs. Your behavior can be an issue causing reason between you and your lover.

For those single during this time, it is not a good idea to go for a new relationship. So hold onto until your stars depict a good time for longer happiness.


Bones might be a serious concern for Aquarians. This means you need to pay special attention to your health especially the bones. With a good digestive system, you are blessed to try different cuisines and even digest them without any difficulty. A healthy lifestyle is what you need to go on active throughout the day. This month you do not have to worry about health related issues much. You can easily enjoy workplace and personal life without any health issue bothering you. Start practicing yoga to keep off illnesses at any time of the year. Since you are not somebody who takes helps from people easily it is your duty to take care of yourself and stay fit.