Taurus Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2019

21st January, 2019 - 27th January, 2019
Ideal time for romantic life, professional life will give satisfaction!

Weekly Career Prediction

This week will give you satisfaction and uplifting in the professional front. There will be many challenges to be faced and you have to ready for it, advices Taurus weekly horoscope. Patience is required for this week in abundance. You may need to postpone your major decisions however. With shouldering of additional responsibilities, you will be seen in a state of worry. Work front seems to be tedious but will eventually benefit you in the end. This week will be great for people who are looking for a job change. You will have some exciting opportunities to show your talents.

Weekly Finance Prediction

You will have some great financial deals this week and this will be all because of your previous efforts. You will see great gains in the house of your finances says Taurus weekly horoscope. If you are looking to invest in share market or bonds, you are subjected to make good and unexpected profits. You will benefit in both the short and long term from this change of fortune. If you are planning to buy any vehicle, this week brings an auspicious time for that. This week will be a good time for investors and people working in the service sector.

Weekly Romance Prediction

This is the ideal time to share your loving and affectionate feelings to your partner as this week brings an auspicious time for lovers, says Taurus weekly horoscope. You can meet and discuss matters of importance that will decide your future course of life with your partner. Flirting with someone else in front of your partner will only build animosity between you and will leave you both miserable in the end. If you have issues which need to be discussed then talk about it and solve your issues down. Mothers who are expecting their first child should be extra careful with their routine and medications.

Weekly Health Prediction

Health will be good for the week and you will be able to enjoy it, says Taurus weekly horoscope. You will remain fit and energetic with good immune levels. If there was any abdomen or skin issue you have been suffering from, this week will get you immense relief from it. Those who are planning to lose weight should stay truthful to their diet and exercise regimen, and then only they will be able lose those extra pounds. If you are planning to travel, make sure you take all the necessities with you.