Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Prediction - May 2019

Things will change for better, keep working hard!

Monthly Career Prediction

This month will bring an outstanding time for the professional and job front. You will be able to finish your long pending tasks finally. The month of May brings an excellent time for getting the most awaited status rise in your professional space too. Adversaries will not be able to harm you at this time, no matter how hard they try. There may be a few people around you who may try to bring you down, especially in your professional arena. However, you don`t need to worry because right now you are protected from these harmful influences. Stick to your work devotedly and do not let these minor problems upset your balance or your mood. Try to be as cooperative as possible and this will help you to make good connections for a longer term, advices your monthly Scorpio predictions. If you are planning for a new business venture or partnership, it would be a great time to start it, predicts your monthly horoscope.

Monthly Finance Prediction

This month indicates a good flow of income with some ups and downs in it, says your monthly predictions. If you are waiting for an increment, you will surely get it but not the way you wanted. If you work in the field of imports and exports you will find that this month of May will be really beneficial to you and your work will blossom. You will sign a number of new contracts. Ventures associated with overseas parties are indicated and would be successful if pursued. The foreign element in your business becomes all-important. Explore all your options for expanding the reach of your organization, advices your Scorpio monthly predictions. However this month does not bring a very supportive time for making investments. If you make one, your money is likely to get stuck. In order to save some money by the end of this month, keep your expenses under control, advices your monthly predictions.

Monthly Romance Prediction

This month you are likely to find that in the world of romance and enjoy all the romantic pleasures this time brings for you. A relative of yours will come to your rescue and help you get the family’s elders approval on your relationship, predicts your monthly horoscope. The first half of the month will be really supportive. If you are married and planning for a child, you will find this month really favorable for conceiving, says your monthly Scorpio predictions. It may be that you have been looking for a marriage partner but have not had success. This month will surely bring someone to your notice. Explore this new possibility as it could open up a whole new set of options for you. There are high indications of getting committed by the end of this month if you are single. Those who are waiting to find a potential partner for marriage will also meet someone worth their love.

Monthly Health Prediction

This month will be all about enjoying your mental and physical fitness to the most. There will be no major health concern that you need to worry about, predicts your monthly Scorpio horoscope. If your weight is steadily increasing then you should address the issue and turn the situation around soon in this month, advices your monthly horoscope. You need to figure out where you can plug exercise and fitness into your busy schedule and keep it there this month only then you will able to enjoy it on both the physical and mental front. You should be careful while travelling as minor injuries are indicated.