Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2018

23rd Jul 2018 till 29th Jul 2018
Let this week be rewarding as you want it to be, Sagittarius, Work harder!

Weekly Career Prediction

You are going to have this week full of professional developments, opportunities and positivity from all the aspects. Job seekers will find this week very rewarding for them too. Those preparing for the civil services will find this week to be really auspicious, predicts your weekly horoscope. If you are at a high position on the corporate ladder it is quite possible that you get the promotion you have been waiting for! Students will be satisfied with their performance in their exams, says your Sagittarius weekly horoscope. Work diligently towards your academic and professional goals with positivity and you will achieve the desired results!

Weekly Finance Prediction

If you have been trying to figure out recently how to get a change in lifestyle as well as a chance to see new places, then this is the right time to lay the foundation for a new job or an expansion of your business that would require you to travel for work. Explore this option, as the efforts you take this week will pay off for you in the long run. Go for it and make some positive developments in your financial life, says your Sagittarius weekly predictions. This week will be a good time for making investments in the real estate too, predicts your weekly horoscope.

Weekly Romance Prediction

This week will bring you down to a lot of conclusions and the romance will be all about commitment for you, says Sagittarius weekly predictions. You will be thinking very hard about whether to take your relationship to the next level of commitment. It may be that you are dating and you are wondering if you should tie the knot. Either way, going to the next level is your primary consideration, predicts your weekly horoscope. If you are single, you will finally share your feelings with the one you have been in love from a really long time, says your weekly horoscope.

Weekly Health Prediction

This week will bring a great time for your mental and physical fitness. You are in a mellow mood and the state of your mind is one of calm. The state of your mind is contributing to the generally healthy state of your body, so keep up the relaxation techniques, advices your weekly predictions. They are definitely working for you at this time. Be careful while driving and travelling. Minor injuries are indicated for this time, predicts your weekly Sagittarius horoscope.