Pisces Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2019

27th May, 2019 - 2nd June, 2019
Keep your head high with confidence as your crown!

Weekly Career Prediction

Keep your confidence high and take courageous and timely actions to succeed in your professional life. Accept challenges at work to establish yourself as a leader in your office. Your tendency to neglect your work may increase your workload and mental pressure. Those of you who are avoiding additional work may upset your superiors. Your concentration and dedication will be the key to your professional success. Build on the good rapport you have with your associates you will get projects of high importance. Make your superiors aware once and for all that you are the person who can give them the results they want.

Weekly Finance Prediction

You may feel a little frustrated financially, this week. You may have a desire to buy some new things either for yourself or for your family and don`t feel you are able to right now. There will be a time in the future for splurging on loved ones or on you, but this is not the right time. Act with careful planning, but consider embarking on these matters as it would bear fruit in the long term says Pisces weekly horoscope. Try not to pay out large sums of money now unless you are positive that you have equally large sums coming in as well.

Weekly Romance Prediction

Your relationship is enjoyable, but this week you will look back on the early feeling of love and infatuation and remember it fondly. In the world of romance you need to be wary of anyone who tries to sweep you off your feet. It always sounds good in the fairytales, but if they sweep you off your feet, then you no longer have a grip on solid ground. Lonely hearts can take comfort in the fact love may find them. However, it is up to you to seize the opportunity. A person of your dreams may walk into your life at work.

Weekly Health Prediction

You will actually display a charm and a calm that others will sit up and notice. You are feeling fine both physically and emotionally, so this is a time of bounty for you. Mental tensions will be less and you will have the peace of mind to enjoy your friends and family to the fullest. Use all these positive attributes to your fullest advantage. However, your partner`s health may give you a few anxious moments during this week. While there is nothing much you can really do, but the moral support you provide will more than make up for it.