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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Libra - December 2016

Job change, Month unfolds excellent time for relationships!


Perform your duties excellently. Busy bees get ready for more work responsibilities which would keep you engaged throughout the month. You would be able to culminate some long pending assignments successfully. This month will see you putting your best foot forward each time. However, stars don't seem to be working in your favor when a business or new job is concerned. You will not get results as expected and someone else will take the credit of your work. You will feel victimized by this partiality, even there could be differences with higher ups. Job change is foreseen, could even be recognizes for old ideas which would give results at present.


Money gains, excellent flow of income would remain satisfactory throughout the month. However, your expenses may run your savings in rough weathers, especially during the second half of the month. You are advised to adopt a compromising approach and refrain from splurging; otherwise, you may face turbulence in your financial planning. Do not expect any monetary gain from external sources other than your regular income. Get rich quick schemes might not work this month however there is good flow of income which you tend to spend on other tasks rather than financial deals. Halt your feet for heading into long term investments.


As far as romantic relationships are concerned, you will enjoy an excellent time. You could hope for a rosy period during the whole month. People who are already in a committed relationship or into married relations could execute their plan for long term association, which was in the making since long. There is also good hope for those Scorpions who are seeking approval for their relationship from their elders. Single people can take full advantage of this month to propose the person of their dreams. Starting up of a new relationship is on the cards. Good time for conception and family expansion. You will spend a major percentage of your time seeing and appreciating your beauty in front of mirror as getting ready for social outing is your main agenda in coming days.


You are at the right pedestal on health front. Your concern for health is paying you rich dividends. You feel yourself very chirpy, vibrant, energetic and full of life. Entertainment, pleasure activities will be invigorating. Your positive mind set, and cheerfulness will add charm in your personality. Overall, it seems to be an extremely favorable and fun filled month. But keep your temper and anger in control so that it may not harm your health and relationships. Be on the top of the world; make wise eating choices for a healthier tomorrow. Slow and steady is said to win the race of life therefore start eating healthy today for a bright future.