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Libra Zodiac Sign Horoscope Prediction 2017

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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Libra - January 2017

The graceful libra- financial leap but health issues can be a serious concern.


The keenness mentally and the outgoing nature of libra makes them seriously cautious about their profession and work. The intellect they possess makes them go out of the way to put their best in the work. This month showers positivity at the work front for most of you. Your zeal to achieve the best can bless you with excellent performance at work in accordance with your hard work. Your leadership quality will take you a long way will fruitful results. In the second half of the month, you are likely to welcome new opportunity. If you are looking for a new job you might get lucky this month. For those already at work might get enhancement in responsibilities and authority due to your creative input and idealism. Your charming personality is one of the attractive factors for a flourishing career.


To acquire balance in life is the top most priority of a Libra. The cooperative nature in hand with helpfulness helps them attain karmic rewards. This month definitely marks as one of the luckiest months for you. The stars depict an excellent flow of income in your basket. Your wit to balance and keep everything organized will help you have control of all your expenses. Each expense will be justified that you will be handling this month. Since you plan to elevate your present status the first half is the best time to make investments. With this in mind, you also need to be alert that for some this might be an expensive deal adding to legal expenses if involved. This month you have good financial probability approaching towards you.


As the balance seeker in every aspect of life, you desire balance in romance and love too. Love is a beautiful aspect of life which we all fall into at some point or the other. In this journey or intimacy at times the closeness in the relationship gets to a serious level. For those who are already at such a stage of life, this might not be a favorable time for you. The spirit of romance will shower pleasure at utmost level but also warns you against unwanted pregnancy for some in the first half. Be a little cautious if you are yet not prepared for motherhood.

The second half on the other is more light and playful. For those who are single and desire to start a new relationship, this might be a good time to propose or even confess about your feelings. This is also a good time to catch up with friends and meet new people to socialize and learn more.


The progress in the planets and their transitory moves have a huge impact on our health and lifestyle. They can be a major reason for a cure as well as hampering of health. It is necessary to reduce the impact of such ups and downs by adopting healthy measures and habits in your lifestyle. This month is definitely a favorable time for you in terms of health. If you have initiated in practicing some healthy activities since last month then you might be reaping some good results out of it. Your work life and personal life would in no way be affected by health to hinder your achievements. You will enjoy a good recovery time if you had been suffering from any kind ailments in the past time. It is Time to regain health and boost your activeness with healthy measures.