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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Libra - October 2017

Make the best of your professional opportunities, great time for love life!


Professional aspects and career opportunities seems much brighter for you like the coming new year would bring. It will be wise for you to think and act sensibly and make the most of this fruitful time. You may have fatigue due to a fearsome attitude and to ease yourself it is very important to be careful while attending your work, says monthly predictions. The first half of the month will bring good opportunities for the job seekers and those who are planning to change their field of work. This may even go the notice of your superiors. You will be able to achieve good results with respect to your work. You have to stay cautious in the second half of the month as it brings hurdles and obstacles on your way to success, says Libra monthly horoscope. Some colleague may try to ruin your image at work because if their jealousy or less productivity at work. Women should be really careful with the friends they have made in the initial days of October.

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The coming new year will be taking the financial base from this month, says Libra monthly horoscope. Everything happens for a good cause and for the best. You will feel the same for your financial life, this month. Patience will bear the fruits. This month will favor positive outcomes from your efforts that you have been giving from a long time now. You can expect good fortune to smile upon you and enjoy this good flow of income throughout the month. Some of you still have chances to bear looses in the second half of the month. Taking major decisions will prove to be worthwhile and help in increasing the level of income you are destined to make in October. There are chances to increase your level of savings too. You will feel comfortable with your finances and will secure relief by engaging in such spiritual activities. You might spend a little more than you have planned on the luxuries and on your domestic life.


This month gives brings great time to enjoy all the romantic pleasure in your life. The much awaited time for your love life has come and you will be able to make the time pleasant by sharing loving relations with your partner. This happiness will enable you to develop close and deep bonds with your partner, says Libra monthly predictions. The ones who are waiting to find their potential partner and get married may get lucky this month. They will meet someone who is exactly the way they have been looking and can get along with them well. However, to take it a step ahead you should wait for a better time. Married couples who are wishing for a child might come to hear good news in this front. Pregnancies are indicated for the month. Women should be careful with the new friends they make, they might take advantage of you.


This month will provide you relief from the previous health issues and you will see a positive development in your life after this, says Libra monthly horoscope. You will maintain good fitness and energy levels that will keep you in satisfaction. You will be seen with more determination. You will feel very confident in proceeding with your goals. Even if you have stress from your work, you shouldn’t let it hamper your well being. Be careful with your meals and be regular for it too. Mediation can prove to be really helpful and give you immense pleasure and relief from the stress and disturbing thoughts.