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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Libra - October 2016

Efforts will get praised, Take care of your health!


Your professional success will depend wholly on your efforts. You will perform excellent at your workplace. You need to maintain a good understanding of your job and continually focus your attention. You may not get definite recognition because of some of your superiors, but there is no need to lose hope at all. Clarify and define what your strengths are and reflect it in your work. Equip yourself with the relevant technical skills and strive to work as an organized unit with your colleagues. Some of you may have their ideas rejected on a new project. There are high chances of getting involved in foreign partnerships.


Sharp thinking will help you take quick and correct financial decisions. You may find this month makes you gain through incentives provided for you at work. Don`t be afraid to really strive to make these productivity goals as you can really boost your income in this way. You will have an unwavering income throughout the month. Your income raises but so does your expenditure, but will remain under control. You are a firm worker and will be compensated handsomely for your efforts. You may even be surprised when you are given a raise without asking for it. This will be a good time for professionals engaged in the share market.


Love looks in the air for you! You are likely to have great time with your partner. Your level of understanding will increase with time and this will help you have a long lasting relationship. You will sail through all difficult situations with flying colors and will impress your partner at your diplomatic skills. Married couples may hit some hurdles because of their professional life. Don`t press on issues too much and let some time pass so that cooler heads can overcome. Always approach your beloved with compassion and love; he or she means you no harm. Go on a trip for a few days and enjoy some days out!


This month will be very satisfying when it comes to your health. You just have to modify your eating habits and lifestyle a little to your benefit. This will not only give your stomach some rest in between gastronomic processes but will also prevent any permanent damage. The work load may give you stress at times. Do not skip your meals because of the work pressure at all. You can be glad to see that your own health is quite strong, but some of your very dear ones may be falling ill at this time without fully realizing it. Watch for signs that a loved one is not well and say something immediately. They will be very glad you did in the end.