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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Libra - May 2016

Make a Note of Career future Plans, avoid being ruthless & lethargic!


Lot of positivity and vitality encourages you to give your best at work, this month. It’s time to make your future career plans, implement new ideas and see them fulfilling in days to come. You could get assigned to an interesting team project in the opening days of May. Being able to work alongside fellow visionaries will make you excited to go to work. You will have to alter your work style to accommodate the group. Be open to learning new ways of performing old tricks. Surely you will get appreciation, if you are a writer, philosopher, marketing professional or whosever involved in creative field.


It’s time to give final touches to your investment plans and put forward or implementation. Planets are giving a lot of fresh energy for you play, work and save plenty. Be tactful and rewind your calendar to see if you have made any important financial deal in the past, now you can expect rewards in return. Despite being spendthrift, you will be able to save enough money and need not to borrow a penny from others. Be vigilant in your choices of business partners.


You love her but she doesn’t understand you, Alas, you will have hard time in convincing your partner. Though your beloved doesn’t behave so rude, but this month, rigid and insensitive behavior might bring a temporary separation between you. Whatever is the current status of your relationship, try to talk and solve the issue, before it worsens! Wait this next month; things will start simplifying themselves. Singles need to be cautious while receiving or proposing someone as this relationship won’t last long.


Don’t let your relationship stress affect your heath. It’s obvious to feel bad if someone ditches you or you get to know, you were in a bad relationship. Take a deep breath and you will feel relaxed. Stars say you will have awesome month in terms of heath perspective if you don’t allow stress to overpower your mind and soul.