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Libra Zodiac Sign Horoscope Prediction 2017

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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Libra - August 2017

Injustice is likely to troll you this month! Be careful!


It is surely a trivial time for you to manage dear Libra. You might have to give up your rigid nature of sticking to your traits and go overboard to get hold of your life. It is a challenging month on the career front for you that would be tough to handle. There are high chances of issues to pop up between you and your senior superiors. The difference would extend to a level that it might bring termination or job loss for some. Since the time does not favor you so avoid taking any kind of risk with your business or job. In order to preserve your present state of career holding make sure you do not take any hasty decision and risk that might cost you later. Keep calm and let this time pass.

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Your hard work and leadership qualities always benefit you on the financial front but unfortunately this month it would not be possible. The monetary goddess this month does not favor you completely. In spite of good sources of income during the last week of the month, your income can be disturbed. Make sure you have enough saving to back you up during such times. Controlled expenses during this time would support you a lot. With this mixed situation during the month of August, do not think of making any kind of investment even if you have lucrative offers lined up. Keep the money for later until your stars foretell a prosperous time for you to multiply your financial holding.


All aspects of life are indirectly linked with each other. If you do not have a smooth professional life it automatically affects you nature that disturbs all aspects of life. So, for this month your career baggage that you carry from office to home is going to disturb your relationship. Make sure you balance your personal and professional life. Single people this is not a good time to find a matching partner. The planets have a prophecy for women this month. It might be you are soft hearted or there are times you get influenced easily or believe anyone that touches your heart. You need to keep this weakness locked up in your house as it can cost you a lot. This month the stars ask you to be careful as there are high chances of someone taking undue advantage of you. So be more alert and vigilant!


Your health assures support on all fronts only if you do not let stress crawl and rattle your energies says Libra monthly horoscope. Due imbalance in career and other aspects you might let stress affect your health. Avoid doing that. Instead, do things those make you happy and feel good. Rest everything will fall into place.