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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Libra - July 2016

Set some bigger goals for life, health continues to grow!


We all know that life is full of ups and downs, the same goes with your career. This month will be a roller coaster ride on the professional front. The first half of the month will be a little hard; you have to be cautious with every move at your workplace. The better opportunity will come as the month passes. Business people may get good associates and investors interested in their firms. This will enable them to get good profits. Your efforts and creativity will get noticed. Set some bigger goals.


On the financial front, this month will stay synchronized. The finances are going to stay balanced throughout the month! There will be proper handling of expenses and income. There is a chance of getting money back from a previous investment. To get bigger gains, invest in the initial weeks of the month. You might get an extra source of income by the end of the month. This month, you might get a chance to share a big amount of money on your households.


Romance, this month, needs some special care! Make time for your partner more than usual to sort down your matters. The first two weeks of the month will let you enjoy your romantic life to the fullest. Though, second half of the month may get you a little disheartened. Singles shouldn’t go for a proposal thing, as it is not a very good time for that. The ones living in joint families may have arguments because of difference in opinions. It may create disturbance in the harmony of the family. Try to avoid getting into such arguments.


An excellent month for you, health-wise and you will be full of energy and enthusiasm to fulfill all your chores perfectly. Minor issues regarding pain in the back and the neck may crop up but will soon get fixed. People who suffer from old injuries or arthritis will get relief. So, it is advisable not to do any sort of physical exercise that your body doesn’t allow. Get proper rest everyday to not let the work stress affect your health. You can also try light yoga, but only under guidance of qualified instructor.