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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Libra - August 2016

Opportunity in professional life, love life needs attention!


A new opportunity at work will help you advance career wise. You will be able to perform excellent in your professional life. A senior comes to your rescue and their guidance will lead you to the right path this month. Working in harmony with your colleagues is a must as you never know how things will tend to shape up. Cooperation and support from your superiors will get you confidence. Teachers and accountants will have a great month and see many of their dreams coming true. Things might move at a frantic pace for you and your career will progress rapidly. You can expect rise in income and position at your office. Some of you might also have to travel abroad on business purposes. Those of you who are appearing for your exams should focus harder on your studies and not get distracted. Government officials might get a raise.


This month ahead is all about pleasure and immediate profits in the financial arena. There will be a good balance between income and expense. This month, you are advised to concentrate on short term projects and deals will give results soon. However this may be not a very good time to invest in bonds and shares. There are chances of your going overboard with your spending. Limit out your expenditures and try to save a little more. You will find a way to curb this tendency to overspend by not giving in to urges. The second half of the month will be beneficial in the terms of finances upliftment. There is no need to take any financial risk this month by doing something or investing somewhere you are not sure about. You can expect recovery of old money in the last week of the month.


This month is all about making stronger bonds with your family and friends. On the romantic front, singles are likely to come across someone special this month. You`ll find yourself thinking about this special person. This relationship has a lot of potential to be a long lasting one. Married ones should plan something special for their partner. You may go for a holiday with your family and have good time. Girls should be very careful if they are going for a new relationship, do not make any decision in a haste when it comes to love. This is a good time for the engaged ones to make a further step. The last week of the month might create some domestic issues.


Your positive attitude and strong immune system keeps you in good spirits throughout the month. Health wise, this month, will be more or less stable for you with only a few minor issues to trouble you. Students are advised not to spend long hours in front of the computer as this could lead to eye problems for you. Elderly people must take up light exercises like walking to keep diseases at bay. Some of you might be prone to catching a bad cold so do take all the necessary precautions. You will notice the difference in your changed eating habits have on your health. Skin problems for teenagers will finally come to an end during this time. These problems will be resolved due to your changed eating habits and improved lifestyle.