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Monthly Horoscope Prediction for Libra - September 2016

Advancement in career, positivity in love life!


This month you will get ample number of opportunities at your workplace. This month will be an excellent time to persuade your all time career goals. You should be aware that if you maintain your fiercely individualistic attitude you may find that your professional advancement is actually hampered. Don’t take any major professional decision in the first half of the month. Take the time to think it through thoroughly and don’t make any decision in haste. If you are working in media industry, you are likely to get the most important project of your career. Make the best out if this chance and show up what you can do. Innovative ideas can actually help you reach heights soon.


There will be an excellent flow of income throughout the month; all you need to do is to take care of that in particular. There will be no wastage when it comes to spending money and your finance will maintain a stable pace. If you are in a logistic business, your partnerships are likely to enhance. By the third week of the month, you may find unexpected sources of income which will result in rise of your income at a subtle level. The first half of the month will be extremely lucky in giving your income a raise. You will get benefit from the older investments you made. Some of you may have to struggle because of the higher expenses made this month.


Romantic front seems to be great this month. This month will help you to share greater bonds with your loved ones. You may go on a holiday with the love of your life and get some unforgettable experiences. Married people should make time for their partners and plan some romantic outings. If you are thinking about expanding your family, this may be the best time for you. Singles will find your love life to be better than ever as proposals are indicated. You will get chances to propose the one you dream of, and have a positive response from their side. There is a need to give your relationship special attention in the starting week of the month or unwanted issues may build up grudges.


This month is at an excellent pace for your health. You will enjoy your health to the fullest and there will be no sort of medical considerations. Keep your meals regular and avoid having unhealthy food. Some of you will be concerned about your weight and will also be ready to do something about it soon. Many of you will think about taking tips from a fitness instructor. You will benefit from it and will soon see some improvement on this front. Exercise and meditation will help you to keep your body fit and fine. Those suffering from recent health issues will finally get a hold on it and spend a good time enjoying their health at its best.