Leo Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2019

18th March, 2019 - 24th March, 2019
Find the inner solace by leaving the outer straining!

Weekly Career Prediction

Things in your professional life are about to take a big turn in your professional life this week. You have to be careful of all the obstacles that come in your way to success. Job seekers should wait for some more time if are looking for a better job with an increment. If you have been unemployed recently, then the planets have been working on your behalf to bring that important opportunity your way, says leo weekly predictions. Keep the faith, and keep your eyes open for the direction where the job may be coming from. It may be in a place you haven`t looked yet!

Weekly Finance Prediction

Some heavy feelings are probably weighing you down right now but the sooner you address them, the better our life will become, says leo weekly predictions. This week promises to change the outlook of your financial condition and make it better than you were expecting. These monetary gains can be from any source and are going to keep your happy mood on. If you are planning to invest, make sure you do it properly and after proper studies or you might face an unexpected loss. This week is a good time for making the deal you have been waiting from a long time.

Weekly Romance Prediction

Your motto in life is clear, Live and Let live and this is what you are going to make for your love life and relationships too. You might have been into arguments and fights with your partner from few days, predicts leo weekly predictions. This week will give you time to settle down with your partner well. Do not let go of your biggest romantic dreams and you will experience a great time to enjoy your love life. For now is the most appropriate time to get into an intimate relationship with an old friend, so singles should be ready to mingle soon!

Weekly Health Prediction

Health will not bring anything to worry and there will be a lot you have to be attentive about. Beware a scratchy throat, as throat problems are indicated. If you find yourself coming down with an ailment of the throat, drink herbal tea and get rest and you will be fine. Minor ailments are indicated but will pass through common sense solutions, says leo weekly predictions. Pregnant women should be strict with their check up and medications.