Leo Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2018

12th November- 18th November, 2018
A week full of rewards and appreciation is indicated!

Weekly Career Prediction

This week will be pretty normal for all the fronts in your life. No noticeable gains are foreseen for business person or professional front. However, some minor profits will work well in running the show for the week is satisfactorily. Those employed will not like the environment at work place. However, you need to focus on your work irrespective of what the work conditions are, if you want to perform effectively, says Leo weekly horoscope. Student graduating in science faculty will remain highly committed to give enough time for studies and in turn learn things quickly.

Weekly Finance Prediction

Finances and monetary life is going to be hampered only if you don’t take due precautions and you will clearly understand this fact, this week. Some relief has arrived for you in financial matters, this week and this will be because of the intelligent decisions you have been taking up lately. Now you are better off than before. You will be in reasonably strong position on financial front. However, keep an effective check on superfluous expenses and focus on saving money. Refrain from mindless shopping. Do not let the over excitement at having money destroy your thinking, says Leo weekly horoscope.

Weekly Romance Prediction

Love will stay in the air for you this week. If you are planning to settle down with your love interest, this week brings the best time to head up for your parent’s acceptance on your relationship. And who knows you might end up in getting your parents involved in finding auspicious days for your wedding, Leo weekly horoscope. This week will be great for singles as they will be able to meet someone they can really think of as a partner. Weekends can bring good news for the married couples who are wishing for a child birth.

Weekly Health Prediction

You need to put a lot of efforts to put up a great health for this week, says Leo weekly horoscope. Due to the stress and challenges at work, your digestive system will be upset. You will have no appetite for food. You will feel tired easily and uneasy at all times. If problem persists, consult a specialist physician to prescribe due remedial measures. One being troubled by pain in joints needs apply effective external measure to subside pain. Eat good and health food.