Leo Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2018

21st May 2018 till 27th May 2018
Challenges on the work front, changes on the financial!

Weekly Career Prediction

The week may present many challenging situations at the work front. This will cause mental worries and tension in you. It will be good for you to avoid such feelings and keep your mind positive. You may find it hard to achieve your goals. Avoid taking major decisions for the week, advices Leo weekly horoscope. Mistakes in your work will be possible. It will be good to carry out your work with concentration so as to avoid further errors. But the best part is that you will learn things for good. If you are planning for a job change, it will be good to wait for a better opportunity.

Weekly Finance Prediction

This week will bring a lot of changes for your financial front, predicts your weekly Leo horoscope. There is a possibility of losing money or valuables at this time. Take all possible security measures to safeguard your house and property. You will be extra prone to suffering some disappointing losses. Be extremely cautious with all your cash and the material possessions that are particularly important to you, advices your weekly predictions. Make sure you keep them safe and away from prying eyes. Do not be careless with your money at all. Don’t get involved in making speculative and investments deal at this time.

Weekly Romance Prediction

You will be extremely satisfied with your romantic life, this week. This week will be a great time for married couples as well as the couples who have recently got into a relationship. You will be sincere in expressing your love to your partner. This will pave way for better understanding between both of you, says Leo weekly horoscope. If you are single and planning to propose someone, your proposal is likely to get accepted soon. This week brings good news for the couples who are planning for their first child. A potential marriage proposal is indicated for the one waiting for a marriage fixing.

Weekly Health Prediction

You have to make some special changes for making your health in good mental and physical state, advices your weekly health predictions. Bad dreams may be giving you some hassle lately, so this week, try to keep the nightmares at bay by keeping your stress level as low as possible. Your night time restlessness is only a result of some pressure during the day, so if you can relieve that before sleeping, you will then rest soundly, predicts your Leo weekly horoscope.