Gemini Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2018

15th October - 21th October, 2018
Your professional prospects will bring appreciation and rewards!

Weekly Career Prediction

Career and professional decisions should never be made in haste and you have to keep this thing in your mind always. This week will be far better than you were expecting it to be when it comes to your professional life. The business person will stay in high spirits and ready to take risks and the best thing is that they will turn out to be really fruitful, says Gemini weekly horoscope. If you were looking for a job change, then this week would be the perfect time to set you in the right track in your professional life.

Weekly Finance Prediction

Money matters will need a special attention this week. You are intoxicated with the idea of making more money by entering a new venture. You will be keen to formulate new strategy to enhance your financial prospects. This week will bring significant changes in your financial condition if you working in the banking and investment field. Take care of your expenses and have a balance on your earnings as well to spend old good days, advices Gemini weekly horoscope. You will also find an additional source of income and this will help you to meet the extra expenditure you are planning for your home décor.

Weekly Romance Prediction

Your partner may be a little disturbed this week and you have to become their comfortable space for the week. This week will have something out of the box in your love life. Those who are planning to get married and are waiting for their partner’s acceptance on the same will eventually get lucky this week. Friends and family will be a constant support. So get ready to celebrate and make the best of the preparations, says Gemini weekly horoscope. Singles will meet the person of your dreams. It will of course be love at first sight. Romance will fill you with energy.

Weekly Health Prediction

Health and your well being go hand in hand. You have to take extra care of your health, this week. The issues you have been suffering from past few weeks will be resolved and you will have get ample time to relax. Elders are advised to be extra attentive towards their medical conditions, says Gemini weekly horoscope. Only those who are already suffering from some issue will have to be alert and vigilant. Consult a doctor