Gemini Monthly Horoscope Prediction - May 2019

Improve your personal & professional relations to make the most of May!

Monthly Career Prediction

This month will bring a highly favorable time for your professional life. You have worked hard to be where you are; do remember this suggests your Gemini monthly horoscope. Continue to work hard and dig deep into your reserves of fortitude and determination in moments of weakness. Remember never take your success for granted. You will get the needed appreciation from your colleagues and seniors and this will inspire you to do better in the future. However, there are high chances of getting into unnecessary arguments and controversies in the second half of the month. If you want to make sure this does not affect your productivity at work, you have to take the first step for the settlement and improve your relations at the work place. To make sure you run a good professional space in this month of May, you need to stay away from any sort of arguments.

Monthly Finance Prediction

This month will help you a good flow of income throughout the month. There will be more than expected amount of monetary gains that you were expecting in the first half of the month. Financial gains resulting from investments overseas are likely to bring benefit you this month. If you are considering expanding your business abroad, this would be a good time to take that leap, says your Gemini monthly predictions. Property deals are indicated now and if investments are made wisely long-term gains could accrue. Make your choices well, but use these beneficial times to set yourself up for success in the future. Expenses will remain under control and this will allow you to pay back some of your pending loans too. If you are planning to invest, do it in the first half of the month as the second half of the month will not be really productive.

Monthly Romance Prediction

This month needs a lot of attention on your romantic life. There are chances of getting into unnecessary arguments with your partner which will bring a lot of misunderstandings between you and your partner says your Gemini monthly predictions. The first half of the month will be full of changes and challenges on this front. You may attend a social or family function and may find that someone very interesting is in attendance at the party. Agree to go on a date with this new person; the relationship could lead you into some very interesting and exciting situations! This person will take the lead in building a new relationship with you. There are high chances of getting again with your ex. If you are sure, only then take this relationship forward advice your monthly horoscope. This month brings an excellent time for couples who are planning to conceive.

Monthly Health Prediction

This month will enable you to enjoy your work and personal life to the most. It will be good for you to get your routine planned in order to maintain a good physical and mental health. Be mindful when you are carrying heavy objects or while walking on a slippery surface. Relax at home if possible to stay safe and sound. It will also help you bring your stress levels down and ease off any mental tension. Headaches are likely because of the work stress, so avoid getting things into your head and take adequate amount of rest, say your Gemini monthly predictions.