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Zodiac Sun Sign Gemini

cyberastro You are warm and witty with a mischievous streak that others often fail to appreciate. While you may lay down your life for a charitable cause, you may not understand your responsibilities. However that does not mean that you will not take care of personal well-being or that of family. You have very good communication skills and are a very intelligent person. You would be ready to change course at moments notice and be absolutely happy about it.

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Daily Horoscope Prediction for Gemini

Gemini -Daily Horoscope for May 29, 2016

Life is too challenging sometimes, but when you have zeal to overcome all that obstructs your path, you always come out a winner. You need to adopt this attitude today if you are struggling with a specific problem, right now.

Gemini - Daily Horoscope for May 30, 2016

– People will appreciate you for your support and encouragement. Keep this generosity up. You may decide for a whole new look. Your partner may deceive you. Do not discuss your secret with anyone. Career needs your attention, so focus.