Capricorn Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2019

27th May, 2019 - 2nd June, 2019
Finances need to be checked this week, opportunities lined up!

Weekly Career Prediction

Make the best of this opportunity coming your way. Your ability to work with others and express yourself clearly will be highlighted. Students will produce excellent results. So all you students out there sitting for a competitive exam or going for an interview, don`t panic. Luck is on your side. Go on and attend whatever is there to attend with confidence and surety. This is also an excellent time to take up the part time job that you have been considering as the experience will help you in the long run.

Weekly Finance Prediction

Make sure the money you spend on frivolous items is coming out of your disposable income. Be smart in your day-to-day expenditures and you will have the savings you need to cover some upcoming expenses. Business will run smoothly, and you will be satisfied with the profits. You can feel quite happy about your business and your finances as they really seem to be looking up. They may not yet be exactly at the level you wish they would reach, but at least they are on an upward trend. An overseas partnership offer may attract the ones in export import business.

Weekly Romance Prediction

You will feel exceptionally social and will want to talk on the phone with friends all day long. You will also find you can`t get enough time with your partner and you want to spend all your spare time in his or her company. This is a good time for strengthening bonds, just don`t do it at the expense of all your other responsibilities. Remain calm in your relationship as you will be slightly prone to flying off the handle for no reason. Make sure you are being sensitive to your partner`s needs.

Weekly Health Prediction

Begin your relaxation period by releasing the tension out of your arms and shoulders and during this period do not allow your thoughts to drift. This routine is guaranteed to give you a day`s dose of relaxation and energy renewal. You should pay some attention to the effect food has on your skin says Capricorn weekly horoscope. If you find your skin tuning oily and itchy, then cut out the oily and unhealthy foods from your diet. Drink plenty of water and eat fresh foods in order to improve the quality and health of your skin, this week.