Aquarius Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2019

20th May, 2019 - 26th May, 2019
The real opportunity for success lies in where you least expect it!

Weekly Career Prediction

This week will be really fruitful on the professional front, says your Aquarius weekly predictions. This time ensures that if you have been waiting and hoping for that promotion you will surely see some development now. Your superiors have been monitoring your progress for some time now and this promotion has been long due. Be on your best behavior in the office so that no negative marks can be written against you. You may also find that an important business deal is finalized. All the best! This week will be a great time for a job change, you will get some really good opportunities.

Weekly Finance Prediction

This week will be full of ups and downs in your financial life. The only thing you need to keep in mind is preparing it before hand. It is always good to have a second opinion when it comes to take any financial decisions. Take advice from your associates or partners to handle your work efficiently, advices Aquarius horoscope. You will witness moderate money gains around the weekends and that too, the unexpected ones. Chances will appear to be favorable to increase your financial capacity, says Aquarius weekly predictions. This week will make you earn profit through your past investments that you were least expecting.

Weekly Romance Prediction

This week will give you ample time to invest in your love life, predicts Aquarius weekly predictions. Those in a committed relationship will enjoy domestic bliss and harmony. It will be the perfect time to show your partner your romantic side, says your horoscope. If you are married, why not go out on a date with your partner like you used to do so long ago, advices your weekly predictions. If you are all set to take your relationship to the next level, its high time you take your elder’s permission now and get a green signal to your relationship finally!

Weekly Health Prediction

There are chances that you could suffer from joint pains this week, says your Aquarius weekly horoscope. You should therefore start taking immediate treatment to avoid any aggravation. Engage in light exercise or yoga to keep yourself limber. However, don`t overexert yourself or you may suffer some negative consequences. You should take care of your meals and increase the amount of green vegetables and stuff, advices your health weekly predictions. Elders should do not over do any kind of Yoga or may have troubles later.