Aquarius Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2019

15th July, 2019 - 21st July, 2019
A spirit of determination will be your motto of the week!

Weekly Career Prediction

This week will bring a spirit of determination and make you achieve successful outcomes. It will be a suitable time to take major professional decisions, says Aquarius weekly horoscope. Progress related to job will be encouraging. You will witness favorable outcomes owing to your unique display of talents at work. You will enjoy support from your superiors. This week will be really favorable for the female employees holding the senior positions in their organizations. This week might not be very good for the job seekers. Wait for some more time and you will definitely get a better opportunity.

Weekly Finance Prediction

You will find the week to be very desirable for making some money other than your earnings. You need to display more patience from your end and then can be as productive as you are wishing to be. You will have to plan your way of work if you want to seek the most benefits. Scheduling your work should be your priority and do this effectively, says Aquarius weekly horoscope. The weekends might let you have the money back you have lend to a friend or a relative. Save this money for the future purposes.

Weekly Romance Prediction

There is a special need to take care of your love life this week to maintain harmony and peace in your relationship. You will have less understanding with your partner. This will be due to lack of happiness. You have to change your mindset and be happier, says Aquarius weekly horoscope. If you are planning to get married, this week brings a good time to get your parent’s approval on your relationship. This might be a little difficult but eventually will turn out positive for you. This week brings a good time for the couples who are planning to conceive.

Weekly Health Prediction

This week is going to be a roller coaster ride on the health front. You will get relief from your previous health issues, but some of the health problems will prevail this week to. You have to stay extra careful in this front this week, says Aquarius weekly horoscope. You might experience leg pain. This will be due to stress and lack of sleep last night. If you are on a diet, don’t go overboard your comfort level.