Aquarius Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2019

18th March, 2019 - 24th March, 2019
A successful week for both your personal & professional life!

Weekly Career Prediction

This will be a successful time for managers engaged in the field of business. You acquire an important position in the company that you have been looking for. However, be prepared for additional responsibilities and an added workload. Good communication skills are likely to benefit those in marketing and customer care. You may need to tackle work-related stress in order to maintain your health. If you are working as a business man, you will get good opportunities for partnership and expanding your business, says Aquarius weekly predictions. Students who are preparing for their masters should start giving extra attention to their studies.

Weekly Finance Prediction

Investments and savings will go hand in hand this week. There is a lot more than you are thinking to be taken care for your financial uplifting. This week will be full of changes on your financial front. Due to increasing commitments, you will be forced to spend heavily. But thanks to your savings, you will be able to maintain a good balance in your expenses and earnings, says Aquarius weekly horoscope. Monetary gains will be good for this time; the most important thing is to keep a good track on it. You will be able to maintain savings and improve your condition.

Weekly Romance Prediction

This week will give you ample of time to spend with your partner and get your relationship back on track. You will be moody in your approach and will exhibit them to your partner and this could create disharmony between you and your partner for a week. If you want to have some good time together, make sure there are no chances of misunderstanding each other, says Aquarius weekly predictions. In this way, you will spend some pleasant moments with your partner. This will fill you with happiness and make you realize the way you have been together in the hardest times.

Weekly Health Prediction

All eyes may be on you this week for your looks, skills, and you great health, says Aquarius weekly horoscope. There will not be any health problems faced for and you will enjoy this time of great strength. However if you do not take proper care of what you eat, abdomen related issues may bother some of you. Children are advised to be careful while trying out new outdoor sports likes skating or they might get hurt.