Aquarius Weekly Horoscope Prediction 2018

23rd Jul 2018 till 29th Jul 2018
Your professional and financial life will blossom soon!

Weekly Career Prediction

Get ready to feel a different peace of mind in the professional sector, this week. This will be all because of your preplanned actions. If you run a business of your own, you will find yourself feeling very grateful for your long-time employees this week, says your weekly predictions. Do make sure that they are satisfied. It is likely that they have pulled you out of a tight spot, where more junior employees have let you down. Definitely take time to thank your senior employees and take note of their loyalty for when promotions and pay raises come around, says your Aquarius weekly horoscope.

Weekly Finance Prediction

If you work in the jewellery industry you will find that this week will be really beneficial to you and your work will blossom. Creativity will run very high in people working in this field. Explore all your options for expanding the reach of your company, advices your weekly Aquarius horoscope. This week will be really auspicious for making investments as good profits are indicated for the future. The week will produce highly favorable results that will keep you elated and in good spirits. You will have probable chances of losing money around the weekend. So, it is important to be very attentive while handling money.

Weekly Romance Prediction

You want your love life to be more than just physical and this week brings the perfect time to show this to your partner, says your Aquarius weekly horoscope. This is a day to air all those grievances and make sure that the two of you are on the same page. If a superficial relationship is not what you are looking for, make sure you are not in one. If you are single, you are likely to meet someone really attractive by the end of this week. Those who are planning to get married will find this week a really good time to tell the elders of the house and seek their permission.

Weekly Health Prediction

You will be feeling healthy, fit and really self-confident, this week. This will help you to stay in a good mental state. You will be in a particularly good place of emotional calm and self-assurance. Build on this peaceful state with some yoga and/or meditation and you will find your sense of inner peace even increasing, predicts your weekly horoscope. If you are pregnant, you should be really careful with your baby bump. Miscarriages are indicated for this week, says your Aquarius weekly predictions.