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Tips for Mantra Meditation

1. Relax and sit erect, but be comfortable. Do not tire yourself unnecessarily to get into a straight ramrod erect posture. It will come automatically as you practice meditation.
2. Choose between the 2 specific planets that you have to harmonize for the day.
3. Choose to meditate online or follow the instructions to download the Mantra with its music to meditate offline.
4. When you start your session, concentrate on the image as it appears on the screen.
5. Start a simple breathing exercise like you would in a gym during your workout.
a) Inhale through one nostril by keeping the other nostril closed with your fingers while OM is being chanted. That will be in the first part of the seed Mantra.
b) Hold your breath till the second part of the seed Mantra starts.
c) Exhale through the opposite nostril as the second part of the seed Mantra gets chanted.
d) Repeat this whole cycle of breathing exercise 4 to 5 times synchronizing with the Mantra as explained in the previous steps. This will complete the breathing exercise, which is called Pranayam. You are now in a perfect mental state to concentrate and to continue your meditation.
e) Just concentrate now on the image and continue your normal breathing.
6. Try to completely shut yourself from all external worries and thoughts. However, thoughts will come initially--both good and bad ones-however, this is very natural. Do not make any special efforts to drive away thoughts away, but just concentrate on the image, and chant the mantra within your own mind and try to synchronize your own chant with our Mantra as it is being chanted.
7. Thoughts will come and go, and as your practice gets better, as will your concentration and synchronization. The effectiveness of your meditation will increase along with this progress.
8. We recommend that you practice this initially for a period of 15 minutes. As you get more tuned, increase it to a period of 25 minutes. Those who already practice meditation and are experienced at it should follow their own methods to synchronize with the Mantra.