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Stages of Meditation

First there are 3 distinct psychological stages to be achieved in the Meditation process.

Pratyahara This turns the organs of sense away from exterior things and directs them towards entirely mental impressions.
Dharana This forces the mind to fix its attention on a special and given point either outwardly or inwardly.
Dhyana Properly speaking, the stage of actual meditation, when the mind, trained by preceding exercises, has acquired the power of flowing in an unbroken current towards a chosen point.

These 3 stages are preceded by exercises of a physiological nature.

Asana Control of posture
Pranayama Control of breath
Samadhi (Where Dhyana or Meditation is intensified to the point of rejecting the exterior part of meditation to achieve a perfect state of harmony and unity with the Self and the Universal Self)

When an individual has mastered all these 6 stages of Meditation, he achieves the perfect state of awareness and true knowledge. This in summary is the essence of the Yoga of Knowledge (Jnyan) as stated in the Bhagavad Gita.

This is not an easy path. We may take a "whole life" or several births to reach this state of perfect knowledge or Enlightenment or Salvation. The important thing is that we in Cyber Astro believe that we must commence this journey in this life itself, and it is never too late to begin this journey. One doesn't have to be a spiritual leader or a priest or an ascetic to start this journey.

In this Age of Aquarius, every human being will initiate this journey to discover his/her own inner self irrespective of caste, creed or religion.