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Venus represents the feminine sprit, she is well known as the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Our Venus shows our affection and sense of harmony in life. On the lower and outward level Venus shows our seeking for pleasure, comfort and luxury. She represents the pleasure of the senses and the comforts of the body. She is sexuality and sexual attraction and serves to make the person attractive to the opposite sex. She brings wealth as an adornment. She is beauty, style and elegance-the refinement of wealth and not just crude accumulation. Her concern is not just with quantity, but with quality and good taste.

But Venus must do all these to reach out to others. Venus wants the world must admire her. She demands that we please her and that we be pleasing to her.

Hence when Venus gets afflicted, she can become the pleasure that dissipates, exhausts and debilitates, the self-indulgence that can destroy us. She will make us vain, superficial and affected - mere show.