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Purpose of Meditation

Meditation is a time-tested technique to concentrate our energies. Normally, we waste our energies. Not only are they squandered in all directions by the tornado of exterior impressions, but also even when we manage to shut doors and windows, we find chaos within ourselves.

The powers of the mind are like rays of dissipated light-when they are concentrated they illuminate. This is our only means of knowledge. The purpose of Meditation is to bring about a complete harmony between our Mind, Body and Soul.

Once this harmony is achieved, we are then in a position as an individual to achieve the 'Infinite Potential' for action that lies within every human being.

Meditation helps us to achieve a state of total awareness through the following six practices as per Vedic philosophy.

1. Samia Mental quietude and subduing of passions
2. Dama Self restraint and the subjugation of the five sense organs, the five organs of action and the four internal organs
3. Uparati Complete cessation of the perceiving and acting sense faculty
4. Titiksha Endurance and patience (the power to endure, without the slightest discomposure, extremes of heat and cold, joy and sorrow, honor and abuse, loss and gain, and all other pairs of opposites)
5. Samadhan Constant concentration of mind
6. Shraddha True faith, conviction and devotion