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Saturn is the most mysterious of all planets. On one hand while it represents all that is evil, base and cruel, on the other it is also a great benefic. At the mundane level it is total 'Tamasik' (Base and Gross), and at the higher level it is the greatest 'Satwik' (Pure and of the highest Soul). Saturn is the divine magistrate and the great preserver of law and order, who will punish us the moment we deviate from our ordained life script. And how cruel can be the punishment! Saturn can represent death and the destroyer of all the things that we hold dear to us. Saturn will take away the dearest one from our life without notice, can turn the king into a pauper within a moment. Saturn wants us to understand that all these material trappings of earthly power are meaningless, the only true thing in life is to be free and liberated from all desires and become a true Yogi.

Saturn can be a very cruel teacher. It will give us all the trappings just to test us and then snatch it away within a moment, in case we deviate from the path of liberation, and have got trapped in all our material success.