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Personal Prophecy Report

In our search to revive the unusual and interesting aspects of astrology, we present you with a unique look at a 16th century treatise named "The Faces and Degrees of the Zodiac" or "La Volasfera". This was written by Johannes Angelus and reprinted by "Raphael", a very well known 19th century French astrologer. This was then translated by Sepharial , a well-known astrologer, clairvoyant, occultist, and prolific author, who was the first president of the British Astrological Society. Sepharial also added his own interpretations to the degrees. Sepharial's work was published in a book called "The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized". This book also contains his translations of Charubel, an 18th century Welsh clairvoyance and seer.

Your report will give you an interesting look into your personality interpreted on the degrees of the planets in your Natal Chart. These interpretations have been highly thought of and are constantly used by many who have unusual opportunities for testing them in their daily work.

Planets in specific houses indicate certain astrological tendencies. But two persons having Moon in Cancer may not have the same life scripts and may differ significantly from one another. To find the fine distinctions astrologers adopted several approaches. House Lordship with reference to the Ascendant is an important indicator. Then there are divisional charts throwing light upon specific life aspects such as marriage, children, career, and wealth and so on. Aspects between planets are important indices to be evaluated. Yet another tool is the Astakavarga scores.

All theses approaches are analytical in nature. They are based on a logic of "if-then" structure. Seers, who have enriched astrological research through the ages, cut through these complexities and gave us simple yet profound guidelines to understand our inner nature and where it could take us. More than any calculations it was their prophetic vision, which confirmed the analytical predictions.

Astrology is more concerned about knowing oneself rather than predicting impending events. However the seers have not only included astrological indications of our inner nature, they have symbolically signified where it could take us. The seer's contribution in regard to our future and our potential is enormous. It takes a matured and receptive mind to really decipher what the symbolic representations mean.

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