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Mercury is the great messenger of the Gods. He is the planet, which represents speech, communication and commerce on all levels. In his lower function he organizes and articulates material . On a higher level he connects us with our inner capacities--the powers of the mind.

Mercury governs writing, education, calculation and thought. Mercury is the fastest moving of the planets and so is indicative of quick comprehension, facility, ease and plasticity in expression. Mercury provides for the quick correlation of ideas, the fast interchange of information or of things of value. He is mental and nervous energy in its articulate activity. He shows our intellectual powers and the degree of mental development in life.

As a planet of commerce, Mercury represents trade, or articles of trade, including money. Though not in himself a planet of wealth, he is helpful in both acquiring it and keeping it, as he helps us organize it. He is necessary whenever there is to be an exchange of ideas or commodities. He sees the value of open markets and free communication and is not restricted by boundaries of race, nation, caste or belief, but he can be attached to his own opinion, his calculations, and his own gains and losses.

Mercury is an important factor in determining our Vocation, for that is what we do in life to communicate with others - our interchange with society. Mercury shows how we appear and how we function in the network of transactions that makes up the world of things and ideas. In this regard, his representation of our education or training in life comes into play. He is the child that is the father of the man.

A weak Mercury makes us rationalize things to suit our purpose. It creates immaturity, naiveté and folly. It can create dishonesty and a lack of properly defined boundaries. This may make a person a thief - not because he is cruel, but because he does not respect anything as belonging to another. Such people take what they need according to a childish view of life that the world should provide for them. They have no objective perception and are caught in childish fantasies and may even believe that what they have taken was really given to them or merited by them.