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Mars is the planet of power, strength, courage and aggression. It measures our ability to project force in life. On the positive side, a strong Mars is necessary to give us the energy, will, confidence and independence--the qualities it shares with Sun--to carry out our endeavors. Without it we have no real interests, passions and motivations, no determination, no real intensity or ability to carry out anything to the end and really accomplish it.

On the negative side, this same aggression brings about competition, argument and conflict and when unchecked by other factors, it causes domination, control, violence and injury. He is the general significator for injury, accident, conflict and marital disharmony. Mars is very selfish and does not take into account the views and needs of others. In a more positive light, these difficulties come about because Mars insists upon greater independence, differentiation and clarity of views. He makes us more certain of who we are and who our friends are. He causes discontent and seeking until we discover the real source of power within us.