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Your Sun Report

In Vedic astrology, the Sun is the principal of light, life and love, or will power and perception. It is the most important factor for determining the spiritual life and the potential of an individual. In represents the soul---the causal body or reincarnating entity---whose will is behind our fate. It is also the mind or the mental principal on a lower level as reason, discernment, clarity and illumination.

A well-placed Sun gives intelligence, perception, strength of will and character. It affords endurance, stamina, vitality, positive spirit, direction, courage, conviction, confidence, leadership, independence and straightforwardness. Without it, whatever we may do or accomplish in life will not be ours and will not give us inner strength or peace. An ill placed Sun gives lack of intelligence, poor perception, weakness of will and character. It creates lack of endurance, low vitality, melancholy, fear, dependency or servitude and deviousness or dishonesty.

An overly strong but malefic Sun causes pride, arrogance, tyranny and a desire to dominate. It creates much of the same problems as Mars (or Saturn) when too strong. It can give a deceptive charisma and a dominating personality. When the Sun is strong, we outshine everyone else for good or bad, depending on whether its disposition is benefic or malefic, conscious or unconscious.

A weak but spiritually disposed Sun makes us receptive, wanting to do good, and self-effacing. Yet we may lack in confidence and come under the thumb of other people. We will seek to sacrifice ourselves but may not know where we should devote our energies.

Your Sun Report will give a basic idea as to this planet's role in your life and how successful you are in availing of the power of Sun in your life.
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