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Your Saturn Report

Saturn is traditionally the most difficult of the nine planets. Its effect is felt all the more, given its long of two and half years over each sign - it is the slowest moving planet. Saturn brings limitation and obstruction which may become oppressive many-a-times; leading to a sense of pessimism with worldly affairs. Perhaps, this itself is the true role of Saturn, as he stands for detachment from the material world - He will constantly show us the futility of attachments that we naturally develop to material/worldly things/relations. He makes us suffer so that we can grow inwardly. In doing so, he give us fear; makes us feel that we will not be able to overcome adversaries and adverse situations. He makes us doubt ourselves. This sense of doubt is perhaps the first step towards that spiritual bent of mind that Saturn is known to provide.

A strong malefic by nature, Saturn can become most rewarding in rare situations. A well placed Saturn is in a Natal Chart can open many avenues for enrichment of life; in any sphere. He is the significator of logic and sense of detail. So in effect, Saturn controls the intellect that can help us deal with the challenges of life.

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