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The Moon indicates the cosmic feminine force. According to the Vedas from the Moon the mind (Sanskrit, "manas") was born. Mind includes emotion and means feeling; it is consciousness in general that reflects upon things. It means thought, care, consideration, as well as musing, dreaming, and imagining.

The Moon shows the astral body, the field of impressions or past karma operative behind the present incarnation. Hence, the Moon is an important karmic indicator. The Moon shows our capacity to receive and to be affected, but it also indicates our capacity to be hurt. It is the most easily hurt of the planets and indicates our general vulnerability.

A strong Moon, on the other hand, shows sensitivity, receptivity, caring for others, and a nurturing attitude in life. It gives emotional maturity, responsibility, and the capacity to have a beneficial effect upon society.

As a very sensitive and mutable planet, the Moon can be easily influenced and overcome by other planetary energies. Saturn can darken it, depress it, or give it detachment. Rahu can cloud it or cause us to lose power over our minds, which the Moon rules. The Moon represents our impressionability, our capacity to become whatever influence we give ourselves over to.

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