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Mercury is the great communicator; He is the messenger of the Gods.

There is a touching myth about this subtle planet. Mercury is the son of Moon who was the result of Moon’s desire for Tara, the consort of Jupiter. Moon abducted Tara, which sparked off a war between the Gods and the Demons. Rudra fought for Jupiter while Moon requested Shukra (teacher of the demons) to lead his army. Brahma was concerned that creation may get destroyed in this war; so He mediated between the two parties and Tara was returned to her husband Jupiter. Mercury was born and he was the result of the illicit union between Tara and Chandra. Chandra(Moon) accepted Mercury as his son and also declared him as the head of all planets.

Mercury indicates the lower or concrete mind. It is the planet that teaches us how to use information from our data bank of the mind. It is our discriminating power, the power by which we know when to do what and when not to do something.

Mercury is a very subtle planet; it gives us the power to recognize true happiness. A mindless person laughs and a happy person laughs, it is Mercury that makes us distinguish between the sorrow and happiness in the laughter.

Strong Mercury is a must for success in life. It is the planet that discriminates the real from unreal. It is our power of communication that begets success for us. It is the same power of miscommunication that can destroy us. Mercury is the planet that determines our vocation. Without its manifestation our life can become stagnant, unintelligent and dull. Love and affection lives by the words of Mercury. Mercury controls demonstration of love/hate; all such instincts that are imperative for being a social animal, which keep us in company and not solitary and lonely, are gifted by Mercury.

Weak Mercury makes us do things, which we regret. It makes us rationalize things to suit our purpose or need. It can take us go beyond our limits; makes us immature and childlike in maturity. Weak Mercury can harm education to a crucial extent.

One can easily understand why and how does Mercury control the energies of the other planets. While all the energies are present in the Sun, it is the communication power of Mercury that allows them to evolve. This is quite understandable; one can be a great scholar but this knowledge is of no value if it is not rightly imparted. Knowledge can also be rendered useless unless it is communicated. Like this there are so many such examples that we come to realize the meaning behind the myth. It is indeed the planet by which other planets can manifest themselves. This is the reason why Mercury is known as the messenger of God the controller of all other planets.

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