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Mars holds a very important place amongst the planets in our horoscope. It is the planet that signifies action - it is by nature a brave fighter who ie also cruel and ruthless. A correct balance of Martian energy is required in the life of every individual. However, very few people possess this energy in balance.

Mars is the planet that gives emotional excitability, which can at times become violent. Although, Venus is called the planet of emotional sensivity yet Mars represents the malefic side of your emotions.

On the positive side, a strong Mars bestows the natal with energy, will power and self-confidence to achieve the objectives in life. In its absence, there would be no real interest or motivation to carry out anything to its logical end accomplish its objective. On the negative side, the same aggression results in competition, argument and confl;ict - which, if not checked in time can lead to violence and injury.

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