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Your Jupiter Report

Jupiter is Divine in nature and indicates Satvikaguna or philosophical & philanthropic dispositions. Jupiter indicated wisdom. Jupiter is well known as the most helpful, generous and benefic of the planets.

He gives powers of expression through solid principles and creativity springs from our inner principles. He is expansive and loves to share; hence his constant endeavor is in greater unfoldment. He is the life giver and represents joy in living and in the positive spirit. He is the great optimist who always sees the good. It is with his help that all sorrow is overcome or turned into a learning experience.

He is the greater benefic, the planet of luck, grace favor and fortune.

CyberAstro.Com presents the “Your Jupiter Report” – a brief analysis of the status and effect of Jupiter in your life. This is a FREE report to help you understand the significant effects of your Natal Jupiter.

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