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How to choose the planets to meditate for

Planets fall into two separate categories-fast moving and slow moving. The mantra selection program will identify both the fast moving and slow moving planet for you that need to be harmonized and balanced as per the transits in your birth chart. It will also give you the time period for this specific selection is valid.

The planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus are all Fast Moving Planets. The planets Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are all Slow Moving Planets.

The condition of a fast moving planet will usually change within 7-days. In case of the Moon, it may even change within a few hours. The effect of slow moving planets lasts much longer. Conditions for Saturn, for example, may last up to 6 months.

It is up to you to choose either of the two for meditation for the day. It is even better to meditate twice in the day to cover both planets. It is preferable to meditate for the fast moving planet in the morning and for the slow moving planet at night.

It is preferable for beginners not to meditate for the two planets at the same time or during the same session.