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Your Personalized Mantra
Sun Sun
It is the great planet Sun in whom all other planetary energies are existent. Our Sun gives us the confidence without which success in anything is impossible. A weak Sun or a debilitated Sun can push us into a life of obscure and dull existence. Our Sun is our father and life force. It is the great light which shows us the way.
Moon Moon
The planet Moon signifies our mother, our emotions and our ability to be happy in life Affliction of this very important female energy paves the way to a dry and unfruitful life. It is the energy that helps us to connect to the finer things of life to finally connect to the higher contentment which remains constant.
Mars Mars
Mars is the planet of our action. In life it helps us to push forward and attain our hopes and dreams. It gives us the power to fight for survival. It is the planet that fills our body with passion and also gives us the untiring energy to attend to our responsibilities without question. It is a very strong energy that also needs to be harmonized.
Mercury Mercury
Mercury is the planet of communication; it is also the planet that decrees our creative intelligence. Mercury is known for its capacity to remain flexible and bestow upon us a sense of innocence. It is a great benefic and an absolute must for a care free and happy life style.
Jupiter Jupiter
Jupiter is the greater benefic which signifies our optimism in life. It is the planet that brings wealth and prosperity in abundance. It is the planet that binds two souls in marriage. It is the planet that gives a child. It is a planet of wisdom and generosity. It is upheld as a teacher or Guru.
Venus Venus
The planet Venus is a very important planet and keeps us in a harmonized and in tune with the living existence. It is through Venus that we have our joy of life, our sense of appreciation for good and beauty in all forms. Venus is also a planet of wealth and luxurious living style.
saturn Saturn
Saturn is known as the most difficult planet. It is a planet that constantly reminds us our duties and routine. It is the planet of detachment and sorrow. It is best to understand this planet rather than fear it. The power of Saturn can destroy a person on the other hand the power bestowed by Saturn can be more long lasting and indomitable.