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Your Personalized Meditation Mantra

Like any other science, Astrology has its technology. It has its theoretical knowledge and its practical application. Just as physical science uncovers new forms of energy in the outer world, like electric or nuclear forces, astrology and Yogic sciences can connect us with new forms of energy in the mind and deeper consciousness.

Cyber Astro through its Karma Index technology computes the effects of each planet on an individual on a particular day from the individual's birth chart and determines which planets are to be strengthened for the day.

As per Vedic Astrology, there are many ways to balance and heal the planetary influences in our life. The most powerful and effective method to heal and balance the planetary influences is to meditate by chanting or by listening to the mantra of the specific planets which need to be balanced for the particular day.

Cyber Astro has specially created separate music for each of the seed Mantras as specified in Vedic Astrology. A recognized Vedic musician chants the seed mantra, to the accompaniment of appropriate music. The music is composed by a renowned classical musician using the specific Classical Raga or Melody, which is in harmony with the nature of the specific planet.