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In hindu art, the triangle is a potent symbol for the divine principle, and it is frequently found in the yantras and mandalas used for meditation. Pointing downward it represents Shakti, the dynamic female principle; pointing up it stands for Shiva, the passive male force. Trikonasana, the Triangle, concludes the postures in our Basic Session. It augments the movement of the Half Spinal Twist and gives an excellent lateral stretch to the spine, toning the spinal nerves and helping the proper functioning of the digestive system. The body becomes lighter and other asanas are improved. When performing the Triangle, take care that both your knees are straight and that your hips are facing squarely forward, rather than twisted. Bend first to the right, then repeat, bending to the left as shown below. Aim for perfect balance in these basic poses, and you will gain the control and concentration necessary to more advanced variations.  

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1. Stand with your feet well apart (about 3-4 feet). Point your left foot to the left, and your right foot slightly to the left. Stretch your arm out at shoulder level and bring the right arm straight up, against your right ear. Now inhale. 2. As you exhale, bend to the left and slightly forward to bypass your ribs. Slide your left hand down your left leg and hold on to the lowest part you can reach. Look out at your right hand. Take several full breaths in this position before releasing it. Repeat, bending to the right.