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Many people hold tension in their necks and shoulders, leading to stiffness, bad posture and tension headaches. Repeating these three exercises, eases tension, increases flexibility and tones the muscles. Do them slowly and keep your spine straight. Your neck relaxed and your shoulders facing forward. First drop your head back, then drop it right forward. Now keeping your head erect, turn it all the way to the right, back to center, then all the way to the left. Next drop your head forward and roll it around as wide a circle as possible. Repeat in the opposite direction. Now, raise your right shoulder, then drop it down. Repeat with the left. Lastly, raise both shoulders at once, then drop them down again.

Neck Rolls

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1. Head back; head forward, chin to chest (X5) 2. Right ear to right shoulders; left ear to left shoulder (X5). 3. Neck circles; head forward, chin to chest; right ear to right shoulder; back; left ear to left shoulder (X5); then opposite (X5).