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Double Leg Raising

This is the most demanding of the leg raises shown here, especially if your abdominal muscles are underdeveloped. At first you may not be able to raise your legs right up or may have to bend your knees slightly while raising the legs, straightening them once they are up. Pressing down with your palms will help you to lift the legs. If you have a particular weakness in your lower back or abdominal muscles, try interlocking your fingers and placing them on your abdomen to create an extra set of "muscles". Press the fingers down each time you need to contract the abdominal muscles.

Whichever method you adopt, be sure to keep your lower back and buttocks on the floor. Once you can perform double leg raising without strain, lower your legs slowly as possible and keep your feet an inch or so off the floor between raises to make your muscles work harder.

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1. Lie flat on the floor. Inhaling, raise both legs, keeping your knees straight and your buttocks on the floor 2. Exhale and lower them. Repeat ten times. Make sure that your lower back remains flat on the floor while you bring the legs down, to avoid injuring your spine.