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Yoga is certainly more than mastering its postures and asanas and increasing the strength and flexibility of body. It indicates towards healing of mind and body and attaining the state of self enlightenment. It is said that in early periods when Yoga was just introduced, the main purpose was to heal community members and the practitioners act as religious mediators. The exact origin of Yoga is uncertain but collecting the small pieces together takes us to a valid conclusion. It is said that Yoga originated into the west and the first sign appeared in ancient Shamanism that date back to some 3000 B.C. Evidence of Yoga can also be found in Rig Veda.

Yoga: Peace and Tranquility!
The word Yoga provides a sense of peace which certainly derived from the etymology of the word. The word has been taken from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means unite or join. This word unite has been taken in the sense of uniting the individual with cosmic consciousness. 

Practicing of Yoga!
Needless to say, practicing of Yoga includes the traditional aspects too such as practicing different poses, chanting of mantra, observing breathing habit and controlling thoughts coming to mind with the help of meditation. Today, it has been practiced for fitness, healthy body and mind, strength, flexibility, emotional well-being and much more. The main purpose of practicing Yoga is to taking control over the body, mind and emotional aspects. The cessation of bad thoughts creates a positive vibe around the person and makes him healthy overall.

Meditation is another component of yoga, and many enthusiasts rely on yoga breathing as an aid to reach a deep meditative state. Meditation quiets the mind, and creates a profound feeling of relaxation that continues for the whole day. In Yogic world, meditation is compared to a vocation for the mind, and it is believed that daily practice can reduce feelings of anger, fear and depression. 
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States of Yoga and Hatha Yoga!
In traditional yoga there are eight stages in reaching a blissful state. Some of these stages have become popular forms of yoga. One of the most familiar is Hatha Yoga, which emphasizes upon poses and breathing technique. Good health is the goal in hatha yoga. Gain more knowledge about different types of Yoga that would bring positive results for you.