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Kitchen is a reservoir of Home remedies for curing health issues. In our daily routine, we often suffer from one or other physical or mental unfit condition or ailment. Instead of searching complicated medical treatments, we must look out for Home Remedies which are easily found in our kitchen. Considering grocery items-(fruits, vegetables, cereals, spices) as the cost effective and simple treatment for common ailments, these remedies can give you relief without any side-effects.

Here are some easy to do home remedies.

Acne Common Cold Foot Cracks
Alcoholism Conjunctivitis Headache
Allergy Constipation High Blood Pressure
Anemia Corn Insomnia
Anorexia Cough Jaundice
Asthma Dandruff Kidney Stone
Backache Depression Leucorrhoea
Bad Breath Diabetes Obesity
Baldness Diarrhoea Piles
Bronchitis Dysentery Rheumatic Pain
Burning Sensation Dysmenorrhoea Hoarseness of Voice
Cataract Earache Fever