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What is Diarrhoea ?

It is a disease characterized by excessive passage of loose watery stools with increased frequency. It leads to loss of body fluids and salts. In Ayurveda it is called as "Atisara".

  • Buttermilk is the most effective natural supplement in treating diarrhoea. A glass of buttermilk is to be taken daily with a pinch of salt, to control diarrhoea.

  • If vomiting is associated with diarrhoea, a decoction prepared from mango seeds to which a little honey is added, is to be taken.

  • One gram of mango seed powder with honey is to be administered twice daily.

  • One teaspoon of fresh turmeric powder is to be taken in a cup of buttermilk.

  • A glass of fresh tomato juice with a pinch of salt will prevent diarrhoea.

  • Two teaspoons of sesame seeds with 1teaspoon of ghee twice daily prevents diarrhoea.

  • Taking the infusion of Babul bark 30 ml thrice daily relieves diarrhoea with in few days.

  • In case diarrhoea is associated with pain in abdomen, then add a pinch of Pepper with a pinch of rock salt to warm water.

  • One teaspoon of fresh mint juice with equal quantities of lime and honey, taken thrice daily cures diarrhoea.

  • A glass of decoction prepared from bale fruit and ginger is to be taken twice daily.

  • Paste of berry fruit (Zizyphus Mauritiana) and one teaspoon of bale leaves along with a little jaggery, thrice daily.

  • A decoction prepared from Coriander to be taken frequently to get relief from diarrhoea.

  • Infusion prepared from the Pomegranate rind is very useful in treating diarrhoea.